What Lifestyle Major is all about

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find anything related to my own lifestyle, fashion, health, travel choices, struggles and improve those drastically and also all those things in one place?” You have come to the knowledge hub. Lifestyle Major is where everyone finds their topics related to their lifestyle and personal choices.

We try to focus on Fashion, Health, Beauty, Travel, Tips & Hacks, and more major things that could help you get a better Lifestyle.

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How Does Lifestyle Major Help You To Get Your Personalized Lifestyle Queries Easily By Major Related Topics?

We try to input as much helpful information as possible from trending topics, such as learning about trendy things suiting your vibe and things like what’s hot and not or how-to-do things tips.

With the Internet, it’s possible to find an article about anything. However, this also means that you need to skim through pages and pages of information before finding something helpful or relevant for your situation!

Our simple goal is to make our experience and knowledge available to you according to your personalized needs to make your Lifestyle better with easy findings.

About Us

Ibrahim Khalil

Ibrahim Khalil

Fashion Blogger, Head of Niche Strategy

Eartha Apurba- Lifestyle Fashion and beauty blog writer on Lifestyle Major

Eartha Apurba

Lifestyle Writer Including Fashion, Health, Beauty & More

Rafi Neel Motive You Lifestyle Major Daktar Lagbe

Rafi Neel

Editor & Head Of Content, Marketing

We, three friends, are the content creators and managers of Lifestyle Major.

We have been struggled to find what we were looking for on the internet. Yeah, sure there were many cool people online who had great blogs but those weren’t specific enough. So, they wouldn’t be applicable in our own personal life.

Since launching, there’s nothing we loved more than helping people discover the best things about lifestyle, personalized for them and now, Lifestyle Major is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs online.

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