11 Best Colors That Look Good on Brown Skin (& Should Avoid)

Picking the best colors for dark skin

A lot of fashion articles miss the target when it comes to the finest fashion colors for dark complexion. Many brands are marketed to and developed for women with lighter skin tones rather than defining the best clothing colors for dark skin tones.

Fortunately, stylists of color have access to content such as this, where we break down all the shades that look great on dark skin. So, if you’re curious what colors look really good on dark complexions, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is dark skin?

The undertone of dark skin is brown. Your hair color is usually brown to dark brown, and your eyes can be green to dark brown.

The world is your playground in terms of color. Your skin tone is properly positioned to complement the great majority of colors and tones. The great thing is that it does not have the same risk of seeming washed out as light skin tones.

What are the best colors for dark skin?

1. Cobalt
2. Red
3. Emerald
4. Violet
5. Pink
6. Lavender
7. Light Yellow
8. Orange
9. White
10. Cream

Let’s get this out of the way straight away that you can wear what you want. Any style, color, or size is welcome. Cover your hair or expose your stomach. It is all up to you.

That being said, we all have colors, styles, and fits that are more or less flattering for our own features. These are the colors that complement brown complexion if you have a deep, dark skin tone.

Every woman’s skin is unique. While two women may have fair skin, their coloring might be cool, warm, or neutral. As a consequence, some colors of clothes complement their skin more than others. Based on the season, here are 10 colors that are ideal for women with diverse tones of dark skin:

1. Cobalt

Cobalt Color For Dark Skin

Cobalt is a deep, dark blue. It has more brightness than blue and can be dressed up more colorfully. Cobalt, named for the element with the same deep blue shade, is a popular fashion color for various complexion tones, particularly darker ones. The rich tone of deep skin is highlighted by jewel tones.

Michelle Obama’s favorite color is cobalt, which she has worn several times, notably on the cover of Vogue. Also, whowhatwear.com featured cobalt as the best colors to wear for dark skin tone.

Why use Cobalt color apparels for Dark Skin?

  • Cobalt looks extremely good in long skirts and caftans. It is also suitable for use in women’s pants suits.
  • Cobalt handbags have long been popular among rising designers like Michael Kors. Use bags and purses to complete the outfit.
  • Jewelry with cobalt-colored gems and stones is really attractive, providing a dramatic burst when worn over darker skin tones.
  • Professionally, a bright blue shoe with a rather traditional attire makes a wonderful impression.

White, bright, or light colors are the safest to pair with darker complexion; nevertheless, your tone gives a wider variety of choices.

2. Red 

Red Color For Dark Skin

Red has so many different shades. This color implies fire and strength, yet it may be too daring for others. Whether you choose a bright red, as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez frequently does, or a deep ruby, red tones look beautiful on dark complexion.

Why Red is one of the tricky colors to wear for Dark Skin?

  • If you don’t want to make a statement, don’t go overboard with red. Red may be a terrific color to use as a design on a shirt or jacket worn over more neutral pieces.
  • If you really want to make a statement, choose a red with undertones that match the undertones of your skin (warm or cool) and go all out. There’s nothing like a bold, red gown to make your presence felt. 
  • Headbands, hats, scarves, gloves, stockings, bags, and other accessories are great ways to add red into your outfit. They’re a simple way to get familiar with this eye-catching color.
  • Classic items with ruby stones or red lacquer jewelry go nicely with neutral clothing.
  • If a blue shoe with formal clothes is good, a red shoe is best. Look for ballerina flats and heels in bright reds.

3. Emerald 

Emerald Color For Dark Skin

Recreate the popular gemstone by wearing emerald green attire. While certain greens fade into the surroundings, emerald was designed to stand out. This rich color looks lovely on cool-toned dark skin. The color is comforting to the eyes while still being luxurious in tone.

Emerald to enhances your look

  • Keep an eye out for emerald green velvet things. This classical combination not only looks fantastic, but it can also get you into a seasonal mood from early October through St. Patrick’s Day.
  • An emerald green scarf may be used to dress up a work suit.
  • Green costume jewelry and emeralds capture the light in unusual ways. Choose dramatic rings and earrings with big stones.
  • Emerald shoes may look great with an emerald dress or bottoms in a monochrome look.

4. Violet 

Violet Color For Dark Skin

Purple is a romantic color with a balance of strength and energy. There’s a reason why dark purple is linked with royalty. Dress like a queen in this gemstone winter color.

Purple is great color for Dark Skin because

  • Violet can be used in every type of attire, from satin blouses to printed pants to leather motorcycle jackets. Also, Violet may be the greatest clothing color for people with a dark complexion.
  • Leather gloves of Violet color popping out from underneath your sleeves provide a stylish touch to gray or camel winter outerwear.
  • The Violet amethyst stones are a popular semi-precious stone for improving your jewelry game.
  • Suede boots are readily available in violet. Keep your eyes open for them to liven up your winter footwear.

5. Pink 

Pink Color For Dark Skin

We’re talking about rich winter pinks here, but light pinks look fantastic on darker complexion tones as well. This warm tone complements skin tones with pink undertones. Blush tones look fantastic on dark skin since they contrast well with the deep skin tones.

What to look for if you want to wear Pink color?

  • Wear this vibrant jewel tone with dresses, blouses, and casual shirts alike.
  • Sunglasses with deeper pink frames are common. Choosing a traditional design in this vibrant color offers you a one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Look for dark pink stones and flowery, sculpted jewelry with this tint. These, on the other hand, may trend slightly more toward summer looks. Use your best judgment in this situation.
  • Almost every girl’s desire is to have a classic pink heel.

6. Lavender 

Lavender Color For Dark Skin

We can’t just drop the purples to fall and winter. Light lavender complements darker skin tones just as well as violet, and it’s a great choice for women with dark complexion tones.

Why you should wear Lavender if you have a Dark Skin?

  • If you have a spring or summer wedding coming up, a lavender dress is a perfect choice. This classic pastel style will earn you praises when paired with white wedges or nude shoes.
  • Lavender t-shirts and sleeveless dresses are fantastic ways to combine this color into your regular outfit.
  • Light shades, like lavender, might be tough to wear as bottoms, but going big with pastel cropped trousers might provide some amazing results.
  • Lavender headbands and scarves are the ideal accessory for late spring and early summer. Also, lavender floral earrings are a popular way to include this light purple into a jewelry collection.
  • Flip-flops, slides, and ballerina shoes are all wonderful places to include a little pop of lavender into your look.

7. Light Yellow 4

Light Yellow Color For Dark Skin

Wear a soft, pastel yellow to show others how happy you are. This spring color effortlessly transitions to summer, making it ideal for when the weather is at its warmest. Light yellow was designed for those with darker skin tones. Pale yellows frequently wash out lighter skin tones, yet they appear lively and rich on brown skin.

You should wear Light Yellow because

  • This citrus color looks fantastic on tank tops and skirts. Yellow headwraps are very eye-catching.
  • Warm or Yellow jewelry may be difficult to find, so seek for chunky plastic costume jewelry to add this color to your style.
  • Yellow wedges and sandals are the ideal “burst of color” that all the fashion experts talk about. This color complements your dark skin perfectly.

8. Orange 

Orange Color For Dark Skin

This bold color is almost tough to pull off on anybody other than those with dark skin tones. Dig into the contrast for a lively style. With orange bits, you’re sure to capture people’s focus.

Orange is a great hue for Dark Skin because

  • There really is such a thing as too much orange, just as there is too much red. But don’t be worried. Orange should be used wisely in patterns, maxi dresses, and kimono wraps.
  • Orange hats and bags are a great way to make a statement this summer. Make use of that color as much as you can.
  • Orange necklaces and earrings can elevate a look from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Orange flip-flops are a timeless summer accessory. Wear denim shorts and a light sweater.

9. White

White Color For Dark Skin

For decades, talk show star Oprah Winfrey has dazzled in white. White is a color that works well with other various skin tones, not just one. While practically anybody may wear white, people with darker skin tones can play with different shades of the color. A bright color will make you stand out, but off-white goes nicely with neutrals.

Think about trying the following these when choosing White:

  • Snow White
  • Off-white 
  • Ivory
  • Ecru

Women with darker skin tones could explore with several color options.

Summer dresses, linen pants, mini skirts, shorts, cropped sweatpants, bikinis, and fitted. White is another color that can be transformed into almost anything. Experiment with numerous colors of white to determine which ones stand out the most against your own skin tone.

What woman doesn’t like a pair of white sunglasses with dark, black lenses? White frames on deeper skin tones are a match made in heaven.

It’s a lot of fun to explore with white jewelry. You may use such eye-catching necklaces, bracelets, and rings to your advantage, from boardwalk puka shells to high-end pearls.

The squeaky-white tennis shoe, which has been so popular in recent years, is still going strong in the fashion world. Replace them with white strappy wedges for a much more professional look.

10. Cream 

Cream Color For Dark Skin

Don’t be afraid to use white, since the bright color truly makes your skin sparkle. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Celebrity examples: Viola Davis, Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Williams.

Colors to avoid for dark skin

  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Black

These dark colors will not contrast well with dark complexion and will distract from your clothing, just as those with fair skin should not wear white.

Must have products for Dark Skin

Garnier Whole Blends Color Care Shampoo:

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  • It preserves hair color
  • Promotes brightness in hair

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque

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Apply a large amount of it from root to ends after shampooing. Pay special care to the ends of your hair. Comb through to ensure an equal split. Place a plastic hat over your hair and dry it for 10-15 minutes. Without heat, it can be kept on the hair for up to 30 minutes. Thoroughly rinse.


  • It aids in the prevention of excessive breaking and shedding.
  • By improving hair elasticity, it helps in the promotion of natural growth.
  • Hair is soft, maintainable, and shining after use.

Where to start?

Knowing what colors look best on your skin tone might offer you a competitive advantage in your clothing. As a rough guide, avoid colors that are too similar to your skin tone since they will not contrast effectively.

If you want to broaden your color palette, go in-store and try on several shades of the same color to determine what looks the best on you. Fashion guidelines are designed to be ignored, so have fun with it.

And please remember that, at the end of the day, what you wear is a personal decision based on your particular style. Wear it as an accessory if we didn’t suggest a color you like for your skin tone!

Implementing Ideas has always been important when getting dressed, so come see us again and we’ll have you looking your best in any color you choose.