Picking The Best Colors For Olive Skin

Having natural olive skin has been one of the most difficult aspects of defining one’s particular style and determining colors that truly work for such women to make them feel lively. Picking the best colors for olive skin tones is tricky but we are here to help.

Finding out what colors work best for a woman with olive skin tone and make her feel vibrant may ultimately affect what a woman wants to wear, the clothes she buys, and the cosmetics she uses to complement her style.

We’ll cover what olive skin is, some common misunderstandings about it, how to identify if you have it, a few famous celebrities to inspire you, and what we’ve learned about clothing colors to help you feel you’re very best.

So, let’s get started!


You must sort out your makeup colors and find dresses that are truly in harmony with your own unique olive skin, then you’ll have a lot more color flexibility and less of that painful reaction when you put on a very high contrast or a very warm/cool color onto your skin. It will feel more in balance with you and give you a lot more freedom.

You must match the depth or intensity and undertone of your own distinctive coloring to explore your color palette for clothing.

Best colors for Olive Skin

  • Orange 
  • Red 
  • Blue 
  • Purple
  • Creamy white 
  • Magenta 
  • Warm green
  • Black
  • Crisp white 
  • Navy
  • Light blue  

Once you’ve gotten the core part down, you may wear warmer colors to bring out the warmth of the yellow in your complexion without seeming sallow. As a result, you may also include colors such as: 

  • Camel colors 
  • Beige colors 

These colors may be chosen expressly because they are slightly warm, but they have a cooler tone than some of the options on the market.

We also recommend that you match your color palette to your most obvious characteristic, which might be your hair or eye color.


If you have large, bright eyes, wearing colors that match your eye color can make you seem a lot better and allow your entire body to be extremely in harmony, as well as your color selections to seem very purposeful.

Colors to AVOID for Olive Skin

  • Light green 
  • Yellow 

Makeup colors for Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tone complements a broad range of make-up colors such as:

  • Gold 
  • Red
  • Dark brown 
  • Cinnamon 

Makeup tips for Olive Skin

  • Since olive skin can occasionally take on grey tones based on the colors of makeup applied, it is better to stick to warm tones of makeup.
  • Makeup shades that are pink or peach look great on olive skin. 

Quick info for picking the RIGHT foundation 

Most olive foundations are labeled as warm, golden, or even sand due to a lack of widespread knowledge about olive skin, but they aren’t. True warm foundations formulated for people with warm undertones are made with peach or orange, so olive foundations are an even balance of yellow, green, and blue and usually appear very green, or sometimes grey.

Here are some olive-friendly foundation tones to test if you’re looking for an olive-toned foundation. Under certain lighting, you should be able to notice the green and grey tones.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

It was designed to replicate the appearance of healthy, glowing skin. This is appropriate for people with lighter skin tones.


  • It is waterproof. 
  • The tiniest quantity of cream may instantly conceal dark circles, giving you a bright-eyed and energetic appearance.

Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation in Walnut

It’s a compact foundation with excellent coverage, moisturizing features, and an airbrushed, smooth matte texture.


  • Great coverage, easy to apply, and you just need a small amount each time.
  • In certain cases, you won’t need to use a powder on top since it will dry down on its own.


Add a little bit of green pigment to your foundation so things like green color drops or even a green primer. 

What is olive skin? 

As the name implies, olive skin has a unique green cast that can only be created by combining a very strong blue or cool undertone foundation with a lighter yellow overtone. Deep olive skin tones can also range from dark brown to cream to beige shades.

People with olive complexion may get paler if their exposure to sunlight is minimal. Excessive exposure to sunlight, on the other hand, can cause sagging, tiny wrinkles, and discoloration.

It’s important to recognize that its inner olive skin is cool. Bearing this in mind may help the entire process go much more smoothly for you. 

The olive-toned complexion is particularly noticeable among Iranians, Lebanese, and Algerians. Egypt, Turkey, and Afghanistan are among Middle Eastern nations having ethnicities with olive skin tones.

How to know if you have olive skin? 

Let’s get started on finding whether you have an olive skin tone, so if you believe you could be olive or if that seems fascinating to you, keep reading. 

Vein Test for Olive Skin

You may believe you are a warm undertone, yet none of the warm undertone logic applies to you. Many people advise looking at your veins to see if they are blue or green. If they are blue, you are cool, and if they are green, you are warm. So, while this method does work, if you are olive, you may see olive in your skin but still have blue or teal veins.

Jewelry Test

Similar to the last point, you may sense golden yellow in your skin, yet wearing gold jewelry may make you feel washed out. So, since you’re olive and you notice yellow in your complexion, you could think you’re warm and go to wear warm colored clothing such as orange, yellow-based, or any rusty tone, which may lead you to believe you’re extra yellow. 

Pink and Nude Lipstick Test

Pink and nude lipsticks are really tough for you to wear. It’s tough to find a nude that makes you seem alive and lovely without washing you out, so you may be going back and forth between believing a nude is too dark or too light, only to learn that this has nothing to do with the shade of the nude but with your overtone.

In the example of pink lipsticks, you may believe that a cool pink will look beautiful on you since you have blue veins, and yet a light pink with a blue undertone will look wonderful on someone with a cool red-based skin tone, but it will appear too pink on someone with a cool olive skin tone.

Tanning Test

Olive people tend to tan easily. As a result, if you tan more grayish-brown rather than golden, you may have an olive undertone. 

Body Feature Color and Tone Test

You may have more black hair naturally, or more gray-based brown hair or the black color helps you appear more lively. For example, we believe that dark brown hair makes more of a statement against a light pink peach-toned woman, but when an olive person dyes their hair black, it just seems like it belongs there rather than creating a statement.

If you feel warm as you notice yellow in your skin but have no warmth in your hair or very cool-toned hair looks well on you, you may have olive skin. 

Your eyes might be green or hazel. So, if you have a cool undertone, as determined by the vein test and hair color, as well as how you tan, yet your eyes have a hint of warmth, you may be olive. 

Undertones like golden, red, or neutral peach are quite simple to recognize, so if you’re having trouble figuring out what you are, you could be olive since it’s a little more difficult to identify.

Features of Olive Skin

1. Olive skin is typically smooth and soft, yet it might have wide pores that release a lot of oil.

2. Stretch marks might be a little more noticeable on those with olive skin tones.

3. Dark circles beneath the eyes are more common in olive complexion than in other skin tones.

4. Women with olive complexions have a variety of hair colors, such as: 

  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • Black 

5. The most common eye colors for Olive Skin

  • Blue
  • Green 
  • Brown 

Myths that may FOOL you: 

  • The term “olive” does not relate to the depth of your skin or how light or dark it is; rather, it focuses on the overall coloration of your skin. It may lead us to assume that olive skin can only be medium to dark, which is not the case. 

(A woman’s skin tone may be exceedingly pale yet olive) 

  • A woman can be either a cool or a warm olive, but the green associated with it can only be achieved by combining a blue undertone with a yellow overtone. 


1. It’s easy to see how when you start mixing paint colors, and it’s definitely an activity suggested to properly learn the structure of colors and, more importantly, how they connect to your complexion.

2. We believe that whatever warmth you sense in olive skin or in yourself if you have olive skin is due to your hair and eye color, as well as how intense the yellow overtone of your skin is. 

3. Yellow skin has a strong warm undertone, which is entirely wrong because yellow skin already has enough yellow in it and does not require extra yellow to balance it. A warm undertone, on the other hand, requires yellow to make balance since it lacks it. So, by using a yellow-based tint, everything comes to life.

Makeup Test

Any translucent with a gold shift, particularly duo chromes, may be too harsh for your skin tone. This is due to the fact that the yellow in your skin tone may blend into the gold or champagne reflect, and also the blue or green in your skin may gobble up any warm pigment. 

Many professionals will frequently say that silver eyeshadows aren’t their favorite or that silver appears fairly terrible on the face because it isn’t a natural skin tone. Except for olive, we believe this is true for the majority of skin tones.

If shimmers don’t really stand out on your face, try eye shadows and highlighters with a champagne undertone. Many women may believe it is because the highlight color isn’t light enough for them. However, if you apply the same color to someone who is either lighter than you or has the same degree of depth as you, you will see that it will pop on them.

Silvery eyeshadows and even silvery-toned highlights for the face will truly stand out against the olive skin tone.

Why is it so TRICKY? 

So, olive undertones are green undertones, which implies blue and yellow blended together, and we typically have yellow surface tones as olive folks. Surface tones are not at all like undertones. Undertones are in the base of your skin, whereas surface tones are visible on the skin’s surface. 

Redness from pimples and rosacea, as well as naturally pink cheeks, are more instances of surface tones. So it might be a little complicated, but you don’t have to go nuts thinking about all of this.

If picking the best colors for olive skin clues apply to you and you find that certain colors look attractive on you as well as are consistent, then wear those colors. For those women who really need to understand the theory behind it, we do have yellow surface tones, which is why it can be really tricky, but we do have blue in our undertones, so a lot of olive women look great in blues, mauves, or a blue based red lipstick.

Colors that are excessively warm might increase the warmth in the surface tone, making a woman appear deathly pale and yellow in an unnatural way.

If you wish to pay attention to color theory when clothing yourself or applying color cosmetics to your face, you should match your undertones. Pick colors that have the same undertone as your undertone or that are suitable for your undertone.

You may also wish to reduce surface tones for olive-skinned women. Trying to avoid yellow-based items and favoring blue-based items achieves both goals.

Find out your celebrity twin 

Audrey Tautou

She stands out as being visibly olive, and many women would even go so far as to suggest that her casting as Coco Chanel was a brilliant choice because it is widely assumed that Coco Chanel was also olive.  

The reason why we mention that is because so many of the colors that represent Chanel and that we connect synonymously with a lot of gorgeous French clothes are 100% hues that made her look and feel amazing. Those were also cool colors that worked well with an olive-toned winter.

Julianne Moore

Most people say she’s neutral, but we think she’s faintly olive, especially if you look at her chest and neck. You can follow her if you think you have her skin tone and that will benefit you to have less worry about colors when choosing them for your skin tone.

Mila Kunis

She’s very clearly olive, and you can see that in a lot of images from her early press overseas trips, when she was dressed in really dark and warm colors, she looked extremely sallow, which we believe is the ideal example of how olive skin feels most beautiful in cooler tones.

Where to start

The thing I like best about fashion is that what you wear actually reflects what you know about yourself and what you want to portray to the rest of the world. It’s a very lovely message to deliver, so we invite you to find it out for yourself.

We hope Lifestyle Major has put some light on picking the best colors for olive skin and to pick the best colors for your olive skin.