What Color To Dye Over Green Hair? (Solved)

Green hair is largely considered as the peak of hair color experimentation. But what happens if it proves to be a bit too much? This blog post will cover all of your bases in terms of what color to color over green hair!

Few things are more eye-catching and distinctive than green hair. The issue arises when you decide it’s time to modify your look and return to your natural origins.

What is the best way to get rid of green hair?

Some hues will clash, making your hair seem messy. What about colors that complement each other? We’ll go through some of the greatest hues for hiding green hair in this blog article.

What Color To Dye Over Green Hair?

Do you want to know what color will best hide your green hair?

  • If your hair has been colored with a semi-permanent green hair dye, you may cover it with practically any color, however lighter colors should be avoided.
  • If you’ve previously dyed your hair green with a permanent hair dye, you may now dye it practically any hue, from chestnut to red to light blond. Having stated that, you should avoid platinum blonde.
  • If you colored your hair gray and got green tones, consider a warm hue like brown, golden blond, or red.

As you’ve seen, understanding why your hair is green is key to determining the best technique to hide it. You wouldn’t use the same method to cover hair that had been done with permanent green dye and hair that had been colored with a semi-permanent hue.

There’s a simple reason for this. Permanent hair dye is chemically different from semi-permanent hair coloring.

  • After applying a semi-permanent dye, you should have little trouble changing the color of your hair to nearly whatever you choose, using either another semi-permanent dye or a permanent dye. If you want to try a different semi-permanent dye, you may go with violet, fuchsia, red, sky blue, or even yellow.
  • If you choose a permanent dye, any hue in the blond, brown, or black spectrum will work beautifully.
  • If you coloured your hair green using a permanent hair dye, you may now cover it with any color as long as you use a permanent hair dye.

I’d go with a warm hue, like brown or caramel, to readily conceal the green tones. Any red shade, from deep auburn to blazing red, will look amazing.

A permanent dye can only be covered with another permanent dye, but a semi-permanent dye can be covered with either another semi-permanent color or another semi-permanent dye.

This is due to the fact that semi-permanent dyes do not include ammonia or developer, and thus are considerably easier to remove: they just fade away when you wash your hair.

Permanent dye, on the other hand, includes ammonia and is applied with a developer, so it can only be removed with bleach or a clarifying wash.

The semi-permanent dye will not work if placed over permanent hair color for the same reason.

So you know what kind of dye to use to hide up your green hair. But that’s not all; we’re also going to talk about:

  1. The best color to cover up green hair done with a semi-permanent dye
  2. The finest color to cover up green hair done with a permanent dye
  3. Finally, two crucial things to consider before changing your hair color.


If you’ve ever colored your hair with a semi-permanent green dye, you’re well aware of the benefits of this sort of dye.

Semi-permanent colors are less damaging because they do not contain ammonia or require developers, but they only last approximately five washes at most.

So the dye is only applied on the outside layer of the hair, it fades with washes, and bleaching your hair before applying a new color is not required.

Keeping this in mind, you may cover the green with nearly any semi-permanent hue.

  • I would recommend waiting a few shampoos for the color to fade before applying the new color.

That is the finest moment to apply for new hair color. You’re probably thinking which color will look best on top of the green.

  • To be honest, practically any hue may be used to conceal the green.

Take note that I mentioned “nearly any hue.” If you want a really light hue, such as pearl gray, white, or pastel yellow, you’ll need to bleach your hair first.


  • The bright hues may be unable to conceal the green tones.

Darker hues, on the other hand, should have little trouble hiding the green tint. Anything from a pastel pink to a strong violet will work nicely because they do not include white pigments and would not clash with the underlying color.

And, with so many semi-permanent hues available after coloring your hair green, it would be a pity to bleach it again. Especially since bleaching is a really intensive chemical treatment for your hair.

So give it some thought.

Would you rather conceal the green and have healthy hair than risk parched, dry hair?

What if you’ve already colored your hair green with permanent dye? That’s a very other problem, and we’ll get to it later.


The good news is that if you opt to cover the green with permanent hair color, you won’t have to bleach your hair again because the dye is applied with a 20 volume developer.

What exactly does the developer do?

The developer removes the existing color and allows the new color to cling to the hair strand. This allows you to easily color over the green.

But it isn’t the only benefit of permanent coloring. There are also a variety of hues to pick from, however platinum blonde should be avoided. It will take multiple bleaching processes to get that hue, and you will have to cope with different shades in between sessions.

For the platinum color to take, your hair must be bleached practically white, which can severely damage your hair.

What permanent colors might be used on green hair?

  • Reds, browns, and light blonde.

As permanent dyes include ammonia, your hair will quickly absorb the new color and no trace of the green will remain. Ammonia interacts with the developer, causing the hair fiber to absorb and retain the pigments of the new hair color.

If you use any of the colors I just mentioned, all traces of the green will be gone.

What if you’ve kept a gray hair color in your hair for too long?

  • Leaving a gray color in your hair for too long might lead it to get saturated with pigment, resulting in unwanted or, let’s be honest, ugly-green tones.

Not only is it not the desired hue, but it may also make your hair appear lackluster.

How can you make that green go away?

  • You may tone down the green tones with a simple hair color change. This is achieved by using warm tones such as brown, blond, or red.

You may, for example, attempt a honey tint, a golden blond, or even a red.

Any of those warm tones will cover up the green and completely transform your look.


If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s to cover a permanent color with a semi-permanent dye. It will only cause harm to your hair.

As semi-permanent colors do not include ammonia or developer, if you put one over a permanent dye, the color will fade after one or two shampoos.

To transition from a permanent to a semi-permanent color, you’ll need to bleach your hair or use a clarifying shampoo.

You can apply the semi-permanent dye once there is no evidence of the permanent color left on your hair.

Having said that, I do not suggest it. The process is quite harmful and can cause your hair to become exceedingly dry.

If you’ve already colored your hair with a permanent dye, it’s best to just use another permanent dye. When you use many chemical processes on your hair, it becomes more delicate and prone to breaking when you style it.

What color would you select now that you know exactly how to hide the green tones in your hair?


  • As red is the opposite of green, applying red dye to green hair will wipe out the green.
  • Any red, pink, or purple dye that does not include hydrogen peroxide or ammonia may assist you in safely reducing the green tint.
  • Red dye on teal hair or red dye on blue hair may result in a brownish tint.
  • Using blue dye on green hair may help you get a turquoise or dark teal color.

The Final Takeaway

You’ve had that green hair for a time now. It was enjoyable at first, but you’re starting to wonder whether it was a little too much of an experimental color, after all, we understand!

Use purple or blue as your new base color to prevent the awful green roots look.

Purple is more mild than blue, so start there if you want something less powerful. If you truly want to make a statement, go for blue!

You now know what color to tint your hair over green hair. Just make sure that the colors you chose complement your style and skin tones rather than clashing.

Remember not to choose a hue that is too light, since this will not properly cover up the green.

Best wishes!

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