Does function of beauty cause hair loss? (Explained)

Function of Beauty creates personalized hair care formulae based on the information you provide in a profile. It is most known for its shampoo and conditioner duos, although its product list is extensive. You may even have serums, leave-ins, and even purple shampoo manufactured to your preferences.

After completing a survey about your hair type, structure, scalp health, and hair goals, it matches you with a set of shampoo and conditioner or whichever product you chose. You may then refine your selections even further by picking scent, color, and size. While you can use it once, its subscription service assures that you’ll never run out of the formula you helped create.

Does Function of Beauty cause hair loss?

There have been multiple reports from other users of increased hair loss as a result of using Function of Beauty products on a regular basis. Personally, I have not encountered this, but it is certainly possible if you use a formula that is not friendly with your scalp type. This is why it is critical to get the formula correct!

Function of Beauty shampoos contain DMDM hydantoin, a preservative often found in personal care and cosmetics. It’s added to these foods to keep them from going bad. It’s also an antibacterial, which means it helps to prevent and reduce the growth of bacteria, yeast, and fungus that are dangerous to humans.

Rashes and sickness can be caused by fungi, yeast, and bacteria. To avoid spoiling, DMDM hydantoin releases modest quantities of formaldehyde throughout the shelf life of cosmetics and personal care items.

Also, the plaintiff claims that the defendant failed to adequately notify customers about the hazards and risks of using DMDM hydantoin-containing goods on their scalp and hair.

The complaint says that the plaintiff “bought the Products based on the misleading claims that the Products would smooth her hair and cover it with Keratin, a protein found naturally in hair.” “When used properly, the Products contain a substance or combination of compounds that produces major hair loss and scalp discomfort.”

What amount of hair loss is normal?

Does function of beauty cause hair loss

It is typical to shed 50 to 100 hairs every day. Excessive hair shedding occurs when the body sheds considerably more hairs each day. Telogen effluvium is the medical word for this disorder.

Anyone who loses more than 100 hairs per day or notices huge clumps of hair falling out may be suffering from excessive hair loss. Hair shedding is not the same as permanent hair loss, which causes hair thinning or a receding hairline. Shedding hair causes new hair to develop in the hair follicle.

Can the Function of Beauty thicken your hair? 

According to my personal experience, the Function of Beauty will assist to plump the hair, making it seem and feel fuller. It’s a fan favourite among reviewers since it delivers just that, as well as strengthening and hydrating strands without weighing them down. 

According to the specialists I spoke with, four major factors impact the rate and thickness of hair growth: food, vitamins, hair tools, and hair care chemicals.

Diet has a strong influence on hair growth. A shortage of minerals such as biotin, iron, vitamins A, C, D, and E, as well as B vitamins, may impede or even stop hair growth. As foods that promote thick, healthy hair, I recommend eggs, blood oranges, salmon, avocado, and steel-cut oats.

Is the Function of Beauty sulphate, silicone, cruelty and paraben free?

All Function of Beauty products are free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, and gluten, and they are always vegan and cruelty-free. Depending on your requirements, the shampoos and conditioners can also be silicone-free, dye-free, or fragrance-free.

To help you reach your ultimate hair objectives, Function of Beauty combines over 60 natural ingredients in custom formulas.

Is the Function of Beauty colour safe?

Yes. As previously stated, all Function of Beauty products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and gluten, and are always vegan and cruelty-free. Depending on your requirements, the shampoos and conditioners can also be silicone-free, dye-free, or fragrance-free.

Is it acceptable to use Function of Beauty on colour-treated hair?

In addition to being sulphate-free, which is known to rob your hair of moisture and colour, the shampoos and conditioners let you add a variety of colour-enhancing hair objectives to your mix, such as colour protection, anti-aging, deep conditioning, and shine.

Is the function of beauty zero waste?

All of the beauty and personal care items are packed with zero waste, are palm oil-free, SLS-free, and vegan. They also ship using only recyclable and biodegradable materials, such as compostable cornstarch packing peanuts.

Is the Function of Beauty non-toxic?

The formulas are as natural as they can go, with over 50 natural ingredients collected from all over the globe, and they avoid potentially dangerous or toxic chemicals like sulfates (including SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, oxybenzone, mineral oils, and many more.

Aside from the components, the formulations are subjected to effective safety testing to ensure that they are all dermatologist-tested and non-irritating. The skincare and Target products have also been tested to ensure that they are suited for sensitive skin.

Does the Function of Beauty expire?

Is shampoo a perishable item? You bet! Keep an eye out for the expiration date or the “period after opening” date. Keep in mind that the best-before date varies depending on the product.

To summarise, unopened shampoos generally last longer than opened ones. You must also consider the product’s ingredient list. Those that include a greater concentration of natural or organically derived chemicals and less synthetic preservatives will most likely have a lower shelf life.

Function of Beauty’s personalised haircare line is a blend of clean, science-backed synthetic and naturally sourced products. As a result, depending on the formulation you select, our best-before date is often 12 months.

Subscribe and become a member of the Function of Beauty tribe for an auto-refill every three months, on top of the special pricing reduction, to simply track your shampoo supply. You may delay, stop, or cancel your membership at any time in your account settings.

Is the Function of Beauty FDA approved?  

It’s all clean, no matter how you alter it.

Hues: All of the colours are FDA and EU cosmetics-approved. You can also avoid using dyes.

The finely mixed scents evoke sensory experiences while following a strict ingredient list.

The FDA has published an update to its formaldehyde and hair smoothing product warning. Their statement emphasizes that formaldehyde exposure can have both short and long-term health consequences. The class-action complaint claims that formaldehyde is a recognized human carcinogen that produces adverse effects when absorbed via the skin, and that it is “an entirely needless danger” when “many safer natural alternatives exist.”

Does the Function of Beauty have lawsuits? 

Due to the obvious social media frenzy surrounding Function of Beauty, it is merely the most recent popular hair care product to come under fire for allegedly harming consumers’ locks.

Wen Beauty’s cleaning conditioner was the focus of a class action lawsuit and an FDA inquiry in 2016 due to suspected hair damage.

The beauty and personal care business Function Of Beauty has been sued in a class-action lawsuit. It says that some of its products have caused hair loss and discomfort on the scalp. Plaintiffs in this class-action complaint purchased products that “would smooth, nourish, soften, mend, or rejuvenate hair,” according to the lawsuit. The items include one chemical or a sequence of compounds that induce hair loss and scalp discomfort, which the plaintiffs are unaware of.

Function Of Beauty has been named in yet another class-action lawsuit. Despite following the product’s directions on the packaging, this class-action lawsuit claims that some hair products cause hair loss and scalp discomfort.

Does the function of beauty test on animals? 

The cruelty-free status of Function of Beauty has been validated. They, as well as their suppliers and any third parties, do not test finished goods or ingredients on animals. They also do not sell their products in countries where animal testing is required by law.

Is Function of Beauty good for curly hair?

I bought a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask from Function Of Beauty in June, and it’s now September, so I’ve had a chance to put the goods to the test. I have curly hair and have been using the curly girl technique with no silicones or sulphates and have discovered that Function Of Beauty now offers this as an option. Here are my genuine thoughts:

Function Of Beauty is a vegan, cruelty-free, totally customised hair care line that is tailored to you. They now offer skin care products, which I am excited to test!

The method

To begin, you must determine your hair type, preferences, and goals. Since June, when you pick curly hair, you may now choose which curl type you are. For reference, I am a 3A mixed curl pattern! I truly enjoy this new function because I was torn between wavy and curly hair before. You then select your hair structure and, finally, the moisture level of your scalp.

Following that, you will be able to select your hair goals and scent. Finally, I picked a sulphate and silicone-free solution that will work with the Curly Girl Method. 

My Opinions

Unfortunately, the hair mask was not silicone free at the time of purchase, but it was an excellent option to have. It’s fantastic to see that they now sell co-wash and hair serums as well.

The bottles are big! I liked that I could personalise them and that my name was printed on the side. The conditioner lasted 5 months, and the shampoo was roughly half full by then. So they last a long time for the money.

I found the aroma to be pretty intense at first, so I would certainly choose the mild scent next time. The shampoo was pleasant to use; it thoroughly cleansed my hair, and my curls were not lessened.

I read online that some people had hair loss, but I couldn’t confirm whether or not this was the case. With my curly hair only being combed on wash days, I lose a lot of hair as it tangles. I also had an itchy scalp prior to using the product, so I can’t blame it on the shampoo. I would buy it again.

Another disadvantage of curly hair is that it is dry. Unfortunately, the conditioner couldn’t handle my hair’s knots. This is due in part to the silicone-free option I selected, but I would have expected it to detangle and condition my hair more before I repurchased it.

I’m excited to test their other items, especially the thought of tailoring them to your own requirements. I appreciate that you may choose silicone-free, dye-free, or fragrance-free according to your tastes. But I really enjoy the customising possibilities for the pump and bottle!

Have you ever tried Function Of Beauty? What is your hair type and what are your hair goals?

Is the Function of Beauty worth it?

Function of Beauty has hundreds of positive reviews on their website and is frequently praised on social media, but we wanted to check how it performed for us.

I have naturally curly hair, and while I’ve been using a lot less heat on it in the last year and a half, if I need to get ready, I normally use my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush for an at-home salon appearance.

But, for as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to sport my natural curls without the delightful frizz or poof interrupting my day. 

Here’s what I noticed about my hair after a week of using my tailored Function of Beauty shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and hair serum:

  1. It appears to be less frizzy.
  2. I have a lot more radiance.
  3. It has a wonderful aroma.

Overall, I love Function of Beauty’s personalised hair products. Due to their in-depth hair analysis, their goods are inexpensive, dramatic, and extremely useful.

Ingredients of the function of beauty

Many preservatives fail to fulfill our criteria for safety and care.

Preservatives such as bromochlorophenol, formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, formic acid, bronopol, dichlorobenzyl alcohol, triclocarban, p-chloro-m-cresol, triclosan, methenamine, ketoconazole, silver citrate, thimerosal, chloroacetamide, 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane, butyl

Additionally, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, quaternium-15, DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, and diazolidinyl urea are examples of preservatives that do not match our criteria for baby goods.

The following substances, including DMDM, are listed as formaldehyde donors by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Quaternium-15
  3. DMDM hydantoin
  4. Imidazolidinyl urea
  5. Diazolidinyl urea
  6. Polyoxymethylene urea
  7. Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
  8. 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1
  9. 3-diol (bronopol)
  10. Glyoxal

DMDM can be found in nail paint, hair gel, body wash, and soap, among other things. Its usage in cosmetics and toiletries has been outlawed in Japan and Sweden, as well as limited in the European Union, due to its carcinogenic qualities. The FDA considers DMDM to be a major allergen in consumer items in the United States, and a 1987 research established a relationship between low levels of the carcinogen and skin problems including dermatitis.

Review of the function of beauty

I was doubtful of the Function of Beauty haircare products as a curly-haired female, but I was pleasantly delighted by the results. My curls appear more defined, less frizzy, and moisturized, which may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

For styling my hair, I’m always on the lookout for the right leave-in and curl cream combo. I’ve been using my Function of Beauty leave-in treatment solely for the past two months. It performs an amazing job of moisturizing and controlling frizz without weighing down my hair. Even though it was silicone-free, the shampoo had a lot of bubbles. I had to use a lot more conditioner than shampoo, so the bottle is approximately half-empty.

This is something I’m used to as a curly-haired female who uses a lot of conditioners, so I wouldn’t consider it a disadvantage. Other conditioner formulas entered my hair better, making it smoother and more detangled, but I thought this one did a good job. The bottles are fun to use in the shower, but the pumps are also easy to lock for travel.

In terms of removing flakes and dryness from my scalp, I didn’t see any change. I haven’t been able to discover a haircare product that compares to my apple cider vinegar rinses. I’ll probably remain looking for anything that completely blows me away, but I’ll keep Function of Beauty in mind as a trustworthy and enjoyable hair care routine. It’s challenging to find things that work for my hair, but I like the hunt.


Products from Function of Beauty can be purchased in a variety of ways. You have the option of receiving your delivery once, every six months, every three months, or once a month.

You may select between an eight-ounce or a sixteen-ounce bottle of shampoo or conditioner. The cost of a single eight-ounce shampoo bottle ranges from $29 to $49 for a 16-ounce shampoo and conditioner combo.

These are more expensive than drugstore hair care products, but the higher price reflects the bespoke approach and high-quality ingredients used.

If you like the idea of personalized hair care but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Function of Beauty also offers a Target product line that is more inexpensive. It works by allowing you to select a base formula before adding booster packets that address your specific hair needs. The booster packets are $2.99 each and the base formulae are $10 each.

Can you send back the Function of Beauty?

If the firm believes that they are unable to resolve your problems with a free, one-time reformulation, they will issue a complete refund within 30 days after the delivery of your initial order.

How to cancel the Function of Beauty? 

To cancel your Function of Beauty subscription, follow these 4 easy steps:-

1. Sign in with your credentials at you Function of Beauty account

2. Choose Your subscriptions

3. Click on Manage

4. Select Cancel Subscription

Alternatives to Function of Beauty


Strands, perhaps the most scientific technique of the three, offers you a testing kit to decide your product personalization rather than an online questionnaire. You send back a few strands of hair and your cuticle, protein levels, texture, and scalp are all evaluated, similar to a DNA testing kit. They will provide you with a tailored report within one to two weeks, followed by your customised items.

The company, like the others, promotes pure ingredients and allows you to sample it risk-free for 30 days. This personalised hair firm is referred to as the most exact by Good Housekeeping.

The entire process begins with a $60 kit. If you subscribe, you can get a starting kit for $40.


AURA is the newest of the three, having garnered a Reader’s Choice award from Allure Magazine in early 2021. What’s amazing and unusual about this brand is that its products can not only clean and condition your hair, but they can also colour it.

AURA is less expensive than the others, and customization goes even further by letting you apply semi-permanent colouring to your hair or neutralise a terrible colour job from the salon.

When it comes to ingredients, Function of Beauty outperforms AURA. All of its contents are pure, scientifically supported compounds that have been evaluated and approved for safety, efficacy, and quality. Although Aura offers a clean component list as well, Function of Beauty has a wider selection and goes through a more thorough verification procedure.

$28 per bottle, however you may save money by subscribing or bundling with other items.

Final Words

The bright bottles of Function of Beauty’s bespoke shampoo and conditioner are fun to make and look fantastic on a bathroom shelf. The majority of us were convinced, but whether it would work for you is entirely dependent on your unique tastes. What we can all agree on is that the fresh smells, careful touches, and simple buying procedure are all wonderful.

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