All you need to know about proaddiction hair treatment

The ProAddiction smoothing system is a natural protein-based treatment that is safe to use. It has no odor, no formaldehyde, and no toxins. It hydrates the hair, making it silky, lustrous, and smooth.

This one-of-a-kind formula was developed by expert hairstylists and chemists in Europe and was just introduced in the United States.The smoothing system was created to provide a safe atmosphere for customers and stylists who are exposed to smoothing treatments on a daily basis.

ProAddiction’s natural components of multi proteins and amino acids nourish hair during the smoothing process, leaving it healthy and silky smooth.

It is long lasting and suitable for all hair types and textures, regardless of how coarse the hair is, how bad the condition is, or what previous chemical processes the hair has been subjected to.

ProAddiction offers reconstructive powers that restore the shine, mobility, elasticity, and vitality that naturally fades with age.

You will notice a change if you have previously had various treatments.

It is the only product that both straightens and repairs hair. It reduces frizz without drying out your hair. You can get your hair straightened while keeping the volume or straightened as though it had been flat ironed.

During the consultation, you and our stylists will choose the best choice to match your hair’s demands and goals.

There is no downtime following the treatment; the hair is shampooed the same day and can be dried naturally or with a blow dryer. This product is devoid of toxins, does not irritate the skin, eyes, or throat, and lasts 4 to 6 months.


Straighten hair, relax curls, define curls, or just defrizz according to your client’s preference.


No formaldehyde, no fumes, no toxins.

A Little More Information 

Sodium chloride free, Paraben free, Harsh surfactant sulfate free, No animal testing, Vegan, Gluten free.

No after-care is required.


  1. ProAddiction Clarifying Shampoo should be used to wash your hair.
  1. Hair should be blow dried and combed.
  1. Starting 1cm from the root, apply ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System to tiny sections of hair. Comb the product all the way to the tip.
  1. Allow the ProAddiction Multi-Protein Straightening System to sit on the hair for 45 minutes to an hour.
  1. Thoroughly rinse hair with clean water. No product should be used.
  1. Blow dry your hair.
  1. Straighten your hair with a hair straightener.
  1. ProAddiction Hydrating Shampoo should be used first, followed by ProAddiction Hydrating Mask.

Why ProAddiction?

Proaddiction is the only product on the market today that can totally eliminate frizz, soften the texture of the hair, and straighten it while also making it healthier.

Also, Proaddiction is a fully toxic-free product that provides a perfectly safe atmosphere for both the hairdresser and the customer.

The recipe of Proaddiction is special that provides stylists with the finest color management.

Proaddiction is highly long-lasting, and you will have great control over the texture of your hair.

It is the only product that rebuilds the hair protein fully.

How Much Does ProAddiction Cost?

ProAddiction is a multi-protein hair straightening solution that is permanent and customized, providing rapid hair straightening and smoothness. Its balanced recipe gives the hairstylist the capacity to create excellent results regardless of how coarse the hair is, the state of the hair, or any past chemical operations the hair has been subjected to.

On the same day as the treatment, the hair is shampooed. There’s no reason to put off washing your hair. Your hair can even be colored on the same day with no negative consequences!

Side Effects to Be Aware Of Before Straightening Your Hair

Who can argue with the beauty, orderliness, and luster of freshly straightened hair? It is, without a doubt, stunning to see. As a result, many of us rush to salons to get our frizzy, curly hair straightened. But have you considered that the procedure of straightening your hair might have some unexpected effects? Yes, it is possible!


It turns out that some of the chemicals used in hair straightening contain dangerous substances that might cause allergic responses in your scalp and skin.

Most hair straightening treatments contain formaldehyde, a substance often employed in the preservation of cadavers. This formaldehyde can cause scalp and eye irritation, redness, blisters on the neck, trouble breathing, nausea, and all types of rashes. It goes without saying that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. That implies that continuous exposure to it can result in cancer of any kind.

Some creams, such as Glatt and x-tenso and keratin treatment treatments, claim to be formaldehyde-free; nonetheless, these creams have been demonstrated to create this chemical and the allergens as by-products, especially with continuous use.

Stylists usually take great care to ensure that no formaldehyde comes into touch with your skin when straightening, but as you might imagine, accidents sometimes happen.

So, if you have any of these allergic reactions after straightening your hair, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible before things get out of hand.

Hair Boredom

If you choose permanent hair straightening, you will have to live with that poker, pin-like hair for the rest of your life, unless you do something unique, such as chopping off your entire head of hair and letting it grow back.

You can’t pick another style since the straightening affected the keratin structure of your hair, which could previously be controlled to get the desired hairdo. Some people have remarked that this is tedious.

So, if you had an event when a specific hairdo is required, you would be limited to your straightened hair with little or no options. This alone should cause anyone to think carefully about choosing this choice.

Hair Loss

When it comes to Japanese hair straightening, one of the most typical side effects is hair breakage and hair loss. 

The cause of this is the negative impact of heat on your hair, as well as maybe an incorrect straightening treatment by your hairdresser. Japanese hair care products that are typically marketed as formaldehyde-free have been found to include ammonium thioglycolate, a chemical that is harmful to your health and has been linked to hair breakage and loss.

Hair loss or fall is occasionally observed as a side effect of the chemicals and lotions used on your hair during a permanent hair straightening treatment.

In most situations, the side effects of chemical treatment are caused by your hair saying no to the substance, and unless urgent measures are done to halt the burning, you may lose a huge percentage of your hair to the process.

Possible Miscarriage

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has indicated that exposing a woman to formalin-containing lotions and hair care products on a regular basis endangers her fertility. It also adds that owing to difficulties, formalin might cause a miscarriage in a pregnant woman.

So, if you’re pregnant and have gone to a salon to get your hair straightened only to have your stylist say no, it’s because of this. Even if Japanese hair straightening is what you want, there are concerns that the technique and treatments will have an adverse effect on you, leading to a miscarriage.

Of course, you’d agree that the pregnant period isn’t the time to experiment with Glatt and tensor. Pregnancy is a concern in and of itself, and adding difficulties from a hair straightening technique can be deadly.

Excessive Dryness

It doesn’t matter what sort of hair straightening procedure you use; the chemicals and heat that are deeply linked to most of them generally result in hair dryness.

Your hair’s natural oil and elasticity are reduced, resulting in harsh and brittle hair. You may believe that your hair is in good condition and that you will not feel this dryness, but the American Academy of Dermatology has said that heat causes major damage to all types of hair. That implies that even with a straightener, there is still a danger of dryness. Heat is also used in the Japanese hair straightening procedure, which depletes your hair’s natural oils.

Of course, to remedy this, you may need to apply lotions to your hair on a regular basis and avoid straightening it too frequently. Tenso is believed to help relax dry hair, but you may want to try other treatments as well. It is also a good idea to see an expert before straightening your hair with a chemical to avoid irreversible hair dryness.


It is true that chemically straightening your hair or utilizing the Japanese method of permanent hair straightening may give a lot of beauty to your hair. There are many testimonies to its effect. However, it is also true that there are negative consequences to this behavior, which we have discussed in this article.

While an expert should always be contacted if you still want to proceed with your hair straightening, it should be noted that even the greatest specialists make mistakes. Accidents happen, and these chemicals might end up on your scalp, harming your hair follicles, or creating irritations on your skin. Aside from an accident in chemical applications, most compounds and even lotions have one or more side effects.

They may not contain formaldehyde, the most dreaded hair toxin at the moment, but their by-products frequently do.

In most situations, after straightening your hair in this manner, you are advised not to go out for a few days so that your hair does not burn. Given this, it’s safe to say that permanently straightening your hair with whichever method you choose should be approached with caution. If used at all, it should be as the last option and not too frequently.

Instead of Tenso and Glatt, search for widely available and natural hair care products. More importantly, you must accept your natural hair as a vital gift from nature.