7 Best Shaving Soap For Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, you may wish to replace your shaving foam with shaving soap. To begin, the correct soap will allow your razor to glide neatly across your face while providing enough protective lubrication for both your skin and the whiskers you’re removing. 

You also don’t want to lose the moisture that your skin currently has, since this may cause irritation and raise the possibility of pseudofolliculitis barbae, or razor bumps. Due to the obvious substances used, shaving foams might cause discomfort in those with sensitive skin.

Shaving soaps are typically manufactured with extra fat from either plant or animal sources. Glycerin is also included in some. These ingredients contribute to the soap’s smooth consistency, which is required to generate a protective layer of lubrication for your skin without losing moisture. This was crucial for my spouse because he has a bald head and requires extra protection.

We’ve selected a few soaps that will serve as the centerpiece of your wet shaving kit as well as a ticket to make your routine a time of pleasure.


Proraso Soap in a Bowl Shaving Soap

This 95% natural Proraso shave soap is manufactured using an old-school “hot soap” production technique in which it is cured at high temperature for 10 days, lowering moisture content and generating a soap that produces a denser, more elastic, more forgiving foam when used with a shaving brush.

This Proraso shave soap, which has been in production since 1948 and is frequently mentioned as a top pick for the finest hard shaving soap, is also Paraben and silicone free, as well as free of mineral oil and animal ingredients. While it contains no scents or artificial colors, it is made with menthol for cooling and eucalyptus oil as a toner. It comes with a handy bowl that’s the perfect size for storing a shaving brush and shave soap. When it comes to shaving, consider an electric shaver, which does not require soap but has a greater initial cost.


  • Low moisture content results in denser lathers.
  • Paraben-free and made up of 95% natural chemicals
  • Vegan


  • Pre-soak time is longer than with other shaving soaps.
  • Those who are sensitive to menthol or eucalyptus oil should avoid using this product.

This shaving soap generates a thick, creamy lather and leaves skin feeling toned and fresh after being made utilizing a traditional, rigorous hot soap manufacturing procedure. It uses a paraben-free composition infused with eucalyptus oil.


Lather & Wood Shaving Soap

This handcrafted and poured small batch shaving soap has a classy, earthy, and subtle sandalwood aroma. It’s made with Shea butter and leaves a smooth coating on beard hairs and whiskers, preventing razor burn. It’s essentially a basic, tallow-based shaving soap that whips up into a very thick and creamy lather and doesn’t take much water to use.

The 4.7 oz soap is enough for around 100 shaves, making it a good bargain, though it is far from the cheapest shaving soap we’ve tried. While this shaving soap softens the beard and mustache, it isn’t as hydrating as glycerin-based shaving soaps. It’s also not ideal for individuals who want to avoid animal products because it’s tallow-based. While we’re on the subject of your morning ritual, you’ll also need a tube of the finest toothpaste, as well as the best manual toothbrush.


  • Smoothness enhanced with shea butter
  • It comes with 4.7 oz of soap.
  • Due to the reduced friction, it is suitable for delicate skin.


  • Not as hydrating as glycerin-based soaps.
  • This product does not condition facial hair.

This small batch shaving soap, handcrafted and hand-poured, has a refined, delicate bergamot and oakmoss smell and produces one of the richest, creamiest lathers we’ve experienced.


Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap

This all-natural wool fat shaving soap is frequently regarded as the best shaving soap for sensitive skin if you’re searching for the greatest wet shaving experience, especially if you’re prone to razor burn, pimples, redness, or irritation. It’s created using organic ingredients and a recipe that dates back to the 1930s and hasn’t altered much since then.

The addition of lanolin, or wool fat, distinguishes this handmade shave soap. This natural product generated from sheep’s wool offers greater hair softening and lubricating characteristics and is softer on skin than tallow-based shaving soaps. If you want to keep all of your bathroom hair care supplies in one place, you should acquire the finest shower caddy.


  • Lanolin recipe that is entirely natural
  • Excellent for softening beard hair and reducing redness and irritation on sensitive skin.


  • The lather is not as creamy as that of tallow-based shaving soaps.
  • Unlike glycerin-based shaving soaps, it cannot be microwaved.

This lanolin-based wool fat soap, made according to a nearly century-old Scottish recipe, provides an extremely smooth and pleasant shaving experience, gaining it high praise as the finest shave soap for sensitive skin.


Van Der Hagen Scented Shaving Soap

This is a terrific deal for people wanting to refresh their wet shave supplies inventory or who want to try out a new shaving regimen, as it comes in a three-pack of 3.5-oz hard shave soap pucks. The Van Der Hagen shave soap is made with glycerin, Shea butter, and coconut oil to provide a smooth, gliding shave while also sealing in moisture.

While some people enjoy the “creamy” sensation of tallow-based soaps, this glycerin-based shave soap softens beard hairs and lubricates skin extremely effectively, leaving no residue or “tight” feeling, making it ideal for individuals who suffer from dry skin on a regular basis. It also does not include any animal products. It contains scent, although it is normally quite light on skin and can be suggested for anyone with acne and oily skin. You’ll need some of the best hair clay for your hair.


  • Skin-soothing Shea butter
  • Keeps moisture in without leaving a greasy residue
  • It comes with 10.5 oz of soap, which is a wonderful deal.


  • The lather isn’t as thick as it is with tallow-based soap.
  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to scents.
  • It is not entirely natural because it contains scent and titanium dioxide.

This shaving soap comes in a compact 3-pack and lathers up faster than others, requiring only approximately 15 seconds to be ready to apply. It also performs a fantastic job of hydrating and revitalizing the skin.

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap

This is one of the most dependable shaving soaps on the market. It is, in fact, a market leader in this category of items. Typically, it is manufactured in the United States. The shaving soap contains ingredients that provide comfort during shaving. 

It also keeps the skin hydrated. A semi-hard shave soap for men, on the other hand, will generate a creamy leather that prepares the beard for a closer shaving experience. Aside from that, the soap contains shea butter extract, which revitalizes dull skin.


  • In most states, it is quite reasonable and affordable.
  • It has a lengthy shelf life; one bar of soap can last up to five months.
  • The soap produces a thick lather that lubricates the blade for a tight and smooth shave.
  • This soap is superior to other types of soap on the market. It is made with natural components and contains no artificial colors.
  • It is bigger than the normal shaving soap.
  • You should be prepared to obtain complete satisfaction with assured value for money.
  • The lather is rich and creamy, and it builds up rapidly.
  • It contains a blend of coconut oil and shea butter, both of which will nourish your skin.


  • The soap is expensive.
  • In many situations, the lather is short-lived and has minimal smell.
  • You may need to reapply for everything.

Bull & Bell Amber Shaving Soap

Bull and Amber is a well-known brand that has been on the self-care industry for over five years. The soap has the most luxurious aroma. It also includes a combination of pleasantly smooth substances that you will enjoy in the long term. The scented shaving soap creates a thick lather that will soften your skin. That way, you’ll get the closest, smoothest shave possible. The concentrated solution is mild on the skin.

As a result, it lathers rapidly for a short shave if you’re ready to go on an adventure. The luxurious shaving soap has a blend of oils and silk. The two make it simple to load with any sort of brush or water.

Also, the soap produces a rich and thick lather with no effort. It is worth noting that the Bull and Bell Premium Company was established in 2015. The firm, based in New Hampshire, is dedicated to the release of shaving soaps as well as other personal care items.

The shaving cream is one of the company’s most popular products. It contains oriental florals and neroli, making it excellent for persons with delicate skin. And, in terms of weight, each bar of soap weighs around four ounces. It will also give you a smooth shaving experience.


  • You’ll love seeing the lather form.
  • It has strong hydrating elements that are mild on your skin.
  • You’ll like the subtle aroma and the blend of fragrances that aren’t always overbearing.
  • It has a relatively mild combination of several extracts.
  • It has a skin-friendly hydrating component.


  • There can be instances when the latter will be insufficient, especially for those with fuller beards.
  • The leather build-up is short-lived.
  • It’s not cheap.
  • You’ll note that it has a paste consistency rather than a semi-hard soap.