What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants?

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants

It’s no surprise that navy is one of my favorite colors right now. I’m not saying that black isn’t flattering, but navy definitely is. This brings up a common question I get. what color shoes to wear with navy pants?

Now, while navy may appear to be a difficult color to match, when you consider it as the neutral hue that it is, it becomes much easier! Navy, like black, white, and tan, may be matched with a variety of vibrant colors and patterns. So, when it comes to picking shoes to wear with a navy dress, keep in mind that there are a lot of possibilities and just a few things to avoid!

What Color Shoes To Wear With Navy Pants

Dark Brown 

Brown is my go-to hue when it comes to pairing navy with other colors. You transform into a classic sophisticate in a flash: you’re easily put-together but always ready to go.

For years, men have paired dark brown shoes with blue slacks. It’s a timeless combo that works in every situation. Dark brown shoes will only be an issue in the nastiest of workplaces. This look may also be achieved with casual navy pants and brown shoes such as drivers, moccasins, and loafers.

Light Brown

With navy trousers, a light brown shoe is appropriate, however we prefer a deeper brown. With these shoes, your navy trousers will still look fantastic; just make absolutely sure your belt or suspenders match.


Depending on the tint, burgundy shoes are reddish-brown or brownish-red. Because red and navy blue are both main hues that look fantastic together, the red in burgundy pairs wonderfully with navy pants. With the exception of black-tie events, you may wear this to almost every gathering or event.


I like tan since it’s a bit daintier and less clumsy than a deeper hue. I instantly thought of teaming a blue suit with lace-up sandals as a barely-there footwear option when I thought of a navy suit. A nice slide, on the other hand, is an alternative, and I particularly like the mesh ones from SheKudo.


Since green is such a casual hue for a shoe, we recommend pairing it with just casual navy trousers. This might be made of cotton or linen, or even a light wool trouser that has been toned down by removing the jacket and tie.


Yes, grey shoes look great with blue slacks. Not only does the combo stand out, but it’s also just as adaptable as brown shoes. You probably wouldn’t wear that to a meeting with a new customer, but on a typical workday? What’s to stop you?

White/ Cream

When it comes to styling navy, white is a no-brainer. I really like the concept of wearing a blue dress with a pair of classic white Converse sneakers. White sneakers are also ideal for wearing all summer long.

Remember, this is a casual, seasonal appearance, but it looks fantastic when done right. To make this match work, go for cotton rather than wool trousers.

Light Blue

I like the concept of mixing navy with a lighter shade of blue to keep it in the same color family. It makes the navy more acceptable for warmer weather. For a Sunday brunch, choose a flat like these mary janes or satin slides. These would be very stylish if your navy suit was a shorts suit.


Purple is a blue cousin that goes well with navy pants. Again, this is a laid-back look that belongs in social rather than professional settings.


When put next to one other, red and blue are complementary hues and look great. Given the limited availability of red dress shoes in the real world, this is another informal pairing. Consider a pair of red boat shoes or a pair of navy blue cotton slacks.

Even though I realize it’s a touch too Americana, I also believe red is a home run when done well. 

When wearing navy with red, try adding with your other accessories, such as a yellow beaded necklace, green hoop earrings, or a green purse. It will brighten up the clothing and make it more enjoyable to wear.


Wear navy with its complementary color, orange, to really amp up the loudness. When the aesthetic is flat and lightweight, orange may also be quite neutral. That slip dress would look fantastic with the orange Adidas sneaker. 

What about the closed-toe styles? Pair them with navy shorts and a matching navy top to make them the center of attention.

Also, don’t forget that your navy trousers must be made of cotton or linen if you want to wear orange shoes with them. This isn’t for work, but for weekend or after-work hijinks in the spring or summer.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy warm-weather shenanigans?


There’s always a controversy about whether or not it’s kosher to wear black shoes with navy pants. Our ideas on the matter are simple: brown shoes are preferable since they provide similar formality and higher flair.

Yet, some men work in sartorially conservative industries that demand them to wear black shoes with everything. These are frequently white shoe companies or government institutions, and we accept that real-world situations influence what we wear just as much as our own preferences.


Yellow is the most cheerful of all the colors. If you’re going to wear yellow, go for it in a more intense shade. I like the notion of dressing up in a suit with those satin yellow heels or wearing some ordinary navy shorts or a dress with the Zou Xou Mary janes, which are also incredibly pleasant.


The combination of navy and gold is extremely classic. This is a timeless footwear option. Gold is a simple way to suddenly spice things up in your navy.


The combining of beige shoes with navy slacks, in our opinion, does neither piece any favors. There are a plethora of other possibilities to combine with navy blue jeans, and we recommend taking a look at them. Alternatively, beige shoes might look great with a dark blue that is a shade lighter than navy.

More About Brown!

Slacks in navy blue are far more informal than a navy suit. As a result, you have a bit more leeway when it comes to the color of your dress shoes.

With a pair of navy blue pants, anything from dark brown to medium brown would look great.

When wearing navy blue slacks, you may also try a pair of somewhat more casual men’s shoes. Monk straps and brogues are still excellent choices, and you could even throw in a pair of loafers for good measure.

Brown loafers would surely complement your navy pants’ laid-back look, so this is a wonderful approach to convey that you’ve dressed down on purpose.

Putting the Look Together

Depending on how fancy you need to be, there are lots of choices for what you may wear with a pair of navy blue trousers.

The white dress shirt, of course, is ideal for a more formal ensemble. With a suitably colored dress shirt, such as pink, you may go for a more relaxed look.

Try a softly patterned shirt for an even more relaxed look. Make your outfit more intriguing by wearing a shirt with mild plaid or gingham patterns.

Patterned or checkered shirts will also provide a splash of color to a pair of otherwise monochrome slacks.

A grey jacket would be a great way to round off this ensemble. Of course, you may wear a brown blazer, but make sure it matches the color of your shoes.

Other Factors To Consider:

1. Think about the Color Wheel

Complementary colors are those that are opposite one another on the color wheel and are thought to be very pleasant when put next to one another, which is used by painters and designers to create color combinations.

Orange is navy blue’s complementary hue, thus it stands out, but so do numerous other colors that are similar to orange, such as pink, yellow, and red. Consider a nighttime outfit with a yellow suede strappy sandal or an everyday appearance with a crimson slide.

Analogous hues are those on the wheel that are adjacent to one another. Turquoise, Kelly green, and mint are all hues on the color wheel that are similar to navy and would look great with a navy dress. A blue dress would look fantastic with green suede sandals or mint green Mary-Janes.

2. Focus on Neutral Colors

Beige, cream, and brown all look great with blue and may be worn for both day and night. Shoes in brown and tan may give navy a laid-back attitude that’s perfect for a daytime outfit.

Consider wearing a neutral shoe like beige, white, or even a striped shoe to amp up the nautical effect.

Many fashion experts have been hesitant to endorse the pairing of blue and black, but for a self-assured fashion fan, the rules are thrown out the window.

3. Gold, Silver & Bronze

Metallics look fantastic with navy because they offer a little of edge to an otherwise conservative and understated tone. A metallic accent may add a little of flair to any appearance, whether it’s day or night.

Consider a gold or silver sandal with braided accents or ankle straps for a nocturnal look. Keep it simple and flat during the day.

Final Words

We hope we were able to help you in determining what color shoes to go with navy trousers!

Here’s another interesting truth!

The accessories you wear are all small parts of your overall style, and they must all work together to create a cohesive impact.

The cardinal rule of matching your shoes and belt is still in effect.

If you wear medium brown leather dress shoes, for example, your belt should be the same color.

Your clothing would feel disconnected if you start separating those hues and mismatching them.

In the age of smartphones, a dress watch is an elegant accessory. You can’t go wrong with a watch to complete your ensemble. Your leather watch strap, like your shoes and belt, should match.

Add a pair of brown sunglasses to complete the ensemble for a more refined approach to accessorizing.