What does GS mean in shoes? (Explained)

What Does GS Stand For in Shoes

The terminology of shoe sales may be a bit challenging for new shoe admirers. If you’ve been looking for a new pair of sneakers in the previous few years, or if you’ve ever searched for shoes online, you may have noticed an increase in mysterious new words and acronyms, such as GS. 

Today we will settle the debate. Let’s talk about what GS implies in shoes down below!

What does GS mean in shoes? 

Now, what does GS mean in Shoes? It’s a simple answer: “GS” stands for Grade School. GS is essentially a measurement of the sneaker’s shoe size in relation to the typical child’s shoe size. If you or a youngster you know is in the market for new sneakers, take the time to determine the proper sneaker size.

In most cases, GS is merely another way of saying a small shoe size. Nevertheless, GS is the largest size for children’s shoes, larger than TD (toddler) and PS (preschooler). Since sneakers have much more space to grow into than more restricted shoe types, this somewhat unspecific size chart must give you a fair sense of how the shoe should fit.


There is a broad variety of shoe sizes in each level of children’s shoes, so try to ensure you measure your child’s foot before purchasing their shoes. Generally, the length of the foot from heel to toe is the best predictor of what size shoe your child should use. 

Also, make sure you consider any characteristics other than foot length that may influence how the shoe fits. Arch height, foot breadth, and instep size are all variables that might prevent a shoe from fitting nicely. 

Lastly, think about how your youngster intends to wear these shoes. While sneakers may be worn in almost every setting, certain shoes are more suited to a day at school or the park nearby than some occasions such as an engagement. 


You must remember that famous brands, such as the Nike Air Jordan, are made for an average size, but it doesn’t imply they don’t share sizes. Often you might have a foot size that falls between two different shoe size selections, indicating that your foot fits somewhere in the middle. In this case, pick the largest pair because there is no certainty that the smaller pair would fit.

It’s also crucial to understand that various shoes require varying amounts of time to break in. Air Jordan sneakers, for example, are extremely flexible and will generally expand to fit your foot size and shape. Other designs and types of shoes, on the contrary, can take a lot longer to stretch and will strive to maintain their original form, so you may discover that it takes a while for them to become cozy.


Review articles are an excellent method to learn how a certain shoe performs. A recent 2021 review of the Air Jordan, for instance, would provide you with a solid knowledge of how the Air Jordan compares to 2021 releases, which may be crucial if you want your baby’s first shoe of this sort to be the greatest.

The more current this Air Jordan review, the more latest the comments contained, which is ideal if you like first-hand assessments of the benefits and disadvantages of the Air Jordan lines. Several review entries may also provide links to Air Jordan items or other material regarding the Air Jordan that might assist you in understanding.

Review postings might also focus on a certain brand or product range. Many websites offer Air Jordan evaluations that include the whole Air Jordan product range, rather than just one pair of Jordan sneakers. Perhaps by having to look at each Air Jordan variation separately, this is a smart method to save effort and receive coverage on the Air Jordan sneakers as a whole.


A few other shoes, particularly those with well-known brands such as Air Jordans, are difficult to locate. In terms of GS shoes, some Jordan-branded shoes will not be offered as children’s shoes, while other Jordan kinds are no longer produced.

While it may be possible to locate sites that provide places where you may buy sneakers like these earlier Jordan styles, they are not always on the menu. Because the Jordan brand is so well-known, you can anticipate classic Jordan designs that are no longer in production to be picked up swiftly.


Lastly, there is the matter of cost. Some brands, such as Air Jordan sneakers, will just be more costly in general. Due to the extreme name linked to them, many Jordan shoes are more expensive than non-Jordan shoes, including children’s shoes. You get higher quality to match, but it all depends on what you can pay and are prepared to spend.


How Should Your Child’s Feet Be Measured For Nike?

Nike is a renowned and well-liked sporting and leisure footwear company. The firm also sells a vast variety of children’s shoes. It is suggested that you measure your child’s feet as follows:


  • A ruler.
  • Wall.
  • Surface that is flat.
  • Pencil and paper


  • Place your kid on a level place with their back to a wall. Make sure their heel is parallel to the wall.
  • Measure from the wall to the longest toe with the ruler on the inside of the foot. Then record your findings.
  • Enter the dimensions into Nike’s sizing tool, and it will propose what size to purchase.


  • Even infants should get their feet measured in the morning since feet tend to swell significantly near the end of the day, and it must be taken into account.
  • Let your youngster put on a pair of ordinary socks that they normally wear. They should be neither too thick nor too thin.
  • Allow 5 inches from the longest toe to the front of the shoe while your baby is trying on shoes.
  • Tell them to walk and perform some mild jogging once the shoes are on to check the size is correct. Again, this only applies to children who are capable, such as those of toddling age and older.

It’s Not Just For Children

You may be able to wear one of the bigger GS sizes if you are a young adult or simply have small feet. GS sneakers are typically less expensive than adult sneakers, particularly for some of the more expensive designer shoe labels.

It’s great news if you believe you can fit into a GS or smaller range of shoes! You’ll be sure to carry designer shoe brands at prices that some of us can only imagine!

But, as previously said, take a moment to measure almost every element of your feet to ensure that the shoes you choose will not injure or damage the bones or structure of your feet.

Contact a sales representative at your local shoe store for more details! They should be glad to advise you in locating the shoes that you or your youngster require in terms of looking your finest! 

How Should An Adult’s Feet Be Measured For Nike?

If you are a tiny adult with small feet, you may benefit from GS shoes, particularly the largest GS sizes. Most designer footwear, such as Nike’s Air Jordan, might be too costly to get in an adult size. Nevertheless, most GS sizes are less expensive than their actual age.

As a result, finding a designer-branded GS shoe that fits your feet precisely might be quite fortunate for you. However, in order to acquire an appropriate size, you must first measure your feet to guarantee that what you get fits precisely.

Considerations to make while measuring your own foot

  • Take a little walk or create a movement.
  • Please wear socks that are neither too thick nor too thin.
  • Why should you attempt to take measures at the start of the day? This is an essential skill since your feet are the correct size early in the day, but as the day progresses, our feet tend to expand somewhat, and it may not give you the correct foot size.

Finding Jordan Shoe Size For Women 

Everyone desires a new pair of Jordans. If you’re a woman, the difficulty with Jordan sneakers is that size may be a little problematic. So, let’s take it one step at a time.

Many ladies buy men’s Jordan sneakers in original hues, but Jordan has also expanded its products exclusively for women. While Jordan shoes are not available in women’s sizes, the brand does provide extended girls’ sizing to assist ladies who wish to purchase these footwear. Girls’ sizes vary greatly from 3.5-7. Jordan girls’ sizes go all the right up to size 9.5, which corresponds to a women’s size 11.

Simply subtract 1.5 from your current shoe size to convert your standard women’s size to a Jordan’s grade school girls’ size. For reference, if you are a women’s size 8, you would purchase a Jordan sneaker in a grade school girls’ size 6.5.

Use the conversion table below to quickly discover your size. Seeing as you know how the size works, go out and get a new pair of Jordans!

US (Women) Jordan Size (Girls & Men)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does OG Mean in the World of Shoes?

If you’re just starting off with your legitimate shoe collection, you’ve probably come across the term OG. This might relate to two different things: original and original release.

OG may refer to the original colors or color combinations of sneakers when they were originally released. The Air Jordan 1 Bred is one ideal example of an OG.

Moreover, many people use OG to refer to a shoe’s initial release date. When the Pure Money Jordan 4 was re-released in 2017, people compared the quality to the original release date.

How Big Is 7K In Shoe Size?

The letter K stands for Kid, and it represents a child’s shoe size. A 7K shoe size is equivalent to a 7Y US size.

What Are Y Sizes?

When checking sizes, you may see a letter following the number, such as 7Y. The letter indicates the estimated age group the size is appropriate for. For example, Y signifies youth, whereas C suggests it is for a kid.

Also in cases of describing adult sizes, letters are also utilized. N stands for narrow, M stands for medium, W stands for broad, and R stands for regular.

What Is A 12 Year Old’s Average Foot Size?

For both boys and girls, the typical shoe size for a 12-year-old is a US 4Y. But, please remember that this is mostly determined by genetics.

Why is it preferable to make a foot impression on paper instead of any other material?

It is preferable to make a foot impression on paper because the thickness of the paper is incredibly thin and it allows the foot to be correctly placed so that the heel and toe are perfectly aligned. Additionally, because paper is easily mark-able, we can acquire the real foot size on the paper.

What shoes should you wear based on your foot size?

The foot size fluctuates significantly throughout the day, even if the fluctuations are little; thus, you should put on a shoe at night to ensure that the shoe size you choose will not become too tight or too short for your foot.

All of us have different types of feet; it is unlikely that everyone would have a common type of foot; some may have larger toes or a more curvy bottom; therefore, a shoe must be tried in proper way first; you should make movements while wearing them and try some physical activities to help the shoes ease on to your foot.

Final Takeaway 

Well, what exactly does GS imply in the context of shoes? So, we hope that this little tutorial has answered your challenges in a more thorough and helpful manner. Trying to deal with all of these exploding acronyms may be quite daunting unless you are a shoe aficionado.

Fortunately, this article has covered all of these shoe terminology in order to keep you informed while purchasing shoes online or at a shop. We’ve also included highly thorough and informative charts that will assist you greatly in determining the proper sizes.

We hope you found your solution and that you will share it with your friends and family. Also, have a fantastic day!