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We founded Lifestyle Major in 2021 because, like you, we’re obsessed with beauty and fashion, whether it’s testing a tanning lotion, hunting for the finest shaving soap, or digging into the true history of cosmetics. With our collection of many pieces of material, we hope to gradually become one of the greatest beauty blogs on the internet, reaching over a million people.

Our goal at Lifestyle Major is simple and clear: to celebrate uniqueness and to inspire our readers to achieve confidence, community, and joy through beauty and style. Our hair, faces, and bodies may all represent culture, sexuality, ethnicity, and now even politics. 

We believe, the more confident women are in themselves, the better the world will be. Our other objective is to create a welcoming and knowledgeable environment where women may feel safe discovering their own beauty and having fun every now and then.

Why Trust Us

Lifestyle Major  strives to bring you up-to-the-minute news and information—but our team believes in looking before jumping. In journalistic terms, this means we verify all information before passing it along to our readers and followers. To ensure anything and everything you read in LM is accurate, reliable, and based firmly in science and expertise.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Every product you see recommended on Lifestyle Major has been independently tested and hand-picked by a member of our editorial team—there’s nothing we tell you to buy that we would not purchase and use ourselves. When you click on an LM link to purchase a product, we may earn an affiliate commission, which helps us keep the lights on.

The LM Editorial Team

The Lifestyle Major editorial team has one goal to help you live your most beautiful life.

Eartha Apurba- Lifestyle Fashion and beauty blog writer on Lifestyle Major
Eartha Apurba

Eartha Apurba has been in beauty editorial for over three years and started as senior beauty editor at Lifestyle Major in June 2021

Previously, she covered the beauty and wellness spaces for renowned publications like New Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Total Beauty , and more. As a writer, her mission is to amplify diversity and representation in beauty.

Ibrahim Khalil

Ibrahim khalil has worked in fashion editorial for over five years and has worked at Lifestyle Major since 2021.

Previously, he served as Fashion editor at Nylon and Vanity Fair, and his work has appeared in Refinery29 and Town & Country. He forayed his love of the internet into a career writing and creating content for a variety of lifestyle and Fashion brands.

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We’re always looking for experienced, qualified beauty writers who share in our mission of honest, inclusive, expert-backed advice that leaves readers feeling educated, empowered, and understood. Interested? If that’s you, send a few examples of your published work to this email address: [email protected]

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