5 Best Nike Vs Adidas Tennis Shoes of 2022

If you’re planning on visiting the games soon, you’ll want to wear one of these highly-rated tennis shoes. These tennis shoes are highly praised for their comfort, performance characteristics, and overall style.

RankNike Tennis ShoesRankAdidas Tennis Shoes
1 NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 41Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3
2 Nike Air Zoom Vapor X2Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4
3Nike Court React Vapor NXT Mens Tennis Shoes3Adidas Courtjam Bounce
4Nike Men’s Court Air Zoom4Adidas SoleCourt Primeblue Tennis Shoes
5Nike Air VaporMax Plus 5Adidas Gamecourt Tennis Shoes

The 5 Best Nike Tennis Shoes

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1. NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 4

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The Zoom Vapor Cage 4 is a combination of two of Nike’s most successful tennis shoes: the elegant Vapor series and the sturdy Cage lineup. There’s a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot for the response, as well as molded traction on the top for durability. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to drop shots like Vapor Cage 4 ambassador Rafael Nadal, but we are certain the shoes will improve your rate of return. 

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Tennis Shoe Reviews Lifestyle Major


  • The Vapor Cage 4 is extremely long-lasting, supportive, and pleasant.
  • The shoe has a significantly looser fit on the sides and toes than the previous model.
  • For individuals with ordinary to slightly larger feet, the extra room in the toe box is a bonus.
  • The outsole is covered by a 6-month warranty.
  • It is a fantastic choice for aggressive players who put a lot of pressure on their feet.


  • The bigger toe box on the Vapor Cage 4 allows it to suit a wider range of tennis players than the Cage 3. However, because of the increased space, most individuals will have to go down a half-size.
  • Because of the extremely supportive top, the shoe often runs warm.


I had slight trouble putting these shoes on the first time. After that, it’s extremely simple, and squeezing my foot into the shoe allowed me to put them on quickly.

When my foot was inside the Vapor Cage 4, the bootie provided an instant sock feeling. Despite having more room than the Cage 3, this shoe is very form-fitting and provided me with a sense of comfort due to the great support.

The shoe takes some breaking in; a few hours on the court should be enough for comfortable usage. The shoes truly shine after approximately a week, with the firm rubber outsole becoming even more flexible.

The Vapor Cage 4 offers great lateral support and stability, as well as great stopping power. The lower-profile cushioning allowed me to get closer to the court than Cage 3, which some said was too high off the ground. The Vapor Cage 4 is not as low as the Vapor series, but the high-cushion midsole more than balances for this.

Overall, the Vapor Cage 4 is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking longevity, flexibility, and comfort. Any tennis player who puts a lot of strain on their feet should think about the Vapor Cage 4.

2. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor X is ideal for a lower-weight performance sneaker.

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Nike Vapor X Tennis Shoe Reviews Lifestyle Major

The Vapor X is a variant of Roger Federer’s sneaker and is the most adaptable tennis shoe. Nike’s Dynamic Fit system surrounds the foot for extra comfort, and the breathable material keeps your foot cool in hot weather. This shoe includes Zoom technology in the heel for more cushioning, yet it still has a low profile to allow for maximum movement.

Because Nike stressed lightweight and adaptability with this sneaker, the sole isn’t particularly durable. We prefer Adidas if you move a lot on the court, drag your foot, or just want something that lasts a lot longer.

If you just want the greatest performance sneaker available, the Air Zoom Vapor X is the shoe perfect for you. Nike also manufactures some of the greatest tennis shorts on the market currently, so that you can match your outfit.


  • It’s a lightweight option for all-court players.
  • Excellent on any surface.
  • Dynamic Fit technology makes it extremely comfy.
  • Low-profile for increased movement and adaptability.


  • It is not the most long-lasting shoe.
  • There isn’t much toe protection.


For starters, the lightweight, responsive feel takes these shoes to another level. 

My feet were really comfortable, and the ventilation was excellent. I also benefit from the somewhat wider outsoles of the Vapor Xs, making it feel a touch more stable than the Vapor Tour 9.5. Finally, I prefer shoes that are low to the ground and maintain my heel level with the ball of my foot, which the Vapor Xs do admirably.

They also have the same feel and performance as Vapors, which is fantastic. I liked the slicker outsole after I got used to it.

Finally, I like the increased durability and ventilation, as well as the fit, feeling, support, and cushioning.

3. Nike Court React Vapor NXT Mens Tennis Shoes

The Nike Court React Vapor NXT was designed utilizing years of athlete data to provide the finest grip, durability, and cushioning so you can survive through the most intense matches.

Nike React Vapor NXT Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major

Nike developed the shoe to bear sliding force by using robust rubber and strong plastic in high-wear regions such as the medial side of the foot. Nike’s “REACT FOAM,” which is situated near the arch of your foot, offers a smooth ride using React technology.

The Herringbone outsole is designed with data in mind to provide excellent traction without impairing your ability to slide. A full-length sleeve provides a sock-like fit.


  • Excellent support and durability
  • Great stability for those who slip or move fast.
  • High reactivity


  • It’s a little heavier than other shoes.
  • It does not breathe as effectively as other types of shoes.


Based on my experience, they are incredibly light, almost like a mesh material, and fit wonderfully. I was pleasantly surprised by how light they are and how nicely they fit. I’m not an aggressive player but needed a diverse place to play tennis. Some people have mentioned rocks being lodged in the tread holes, however, I haven’t experienced this myself.

4. Nike Men’s Court Air Zoom GP Turbo Tennis Shoes Dark Teal Green And White

The new Nike Men’s Air Zoom GP Turbo Tennis Shoes will keep your feet fresh for the duration. This revolutionary shoe has a Zoom Air unit with durability zones so your feet can adapt to every movement. Translucent textile material adds breathability while displaying a unique pattern, and a Dynamic Fit system improves overall suitability. 

Nike Mens Court Air Zoom GP Turbo Tennis Shoes Dark Teal Green and White Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major

This Nike model is ideal for players searching for maximum comfort, durability, and design.

The upper’s transparent textile material improves breathability and airflow. Dynamic Fit technology supports the foot during rapid cuts. Overlays are carved out in critical areas to increase flexibility and ventilation for further comfort.

Full-length Zoom Air unit sewn directly to the upper for exceptional response with every movement and placed beneath the midfoot for additional bounce during side-to-side motions.

For increased durability, the toe box is properly constructed and strengthened on the medial side. Engineered outsole pattern for all-court traction.


  • Keep your feet fresh for an extended period of time.
  • Adaptability 
  • When compared to other shoes, the breathability is improved.


  • It is costly.


My feet did not sweat at all while wearing this pair of sneakers. While playing tennis, my shoes allowed me to move freely. In addition to their excellent performance, the shoes were quite comfortable on my feet. Even though it arrived at a high price, I truly like how it breathes.

5. Nike Air VaporMax Plus 

This shoe hybrid is the ultimate throwback to a time when comfort and individuality were valued. These shoes were created to be both visually appealing and usable daily. This shoe is a real homage to the great design of the 1998 running shoe, with a foot-hugging compression-molded textile and foam upper.

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NIke Air Vapormax Plus Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major 1

This is one of the most adaptable Nike designs available from their collection.  A wide range of colors and designs have guaranteed that there is a style to suit every particular taste. Adding Nike Air VaporMax Plus to your collection, whether one or several pairs, is a unique and timeless option.


  • These shoes are available with solid and graphic uppers, allowing for personalization.
  • The trademark VaporMax Air technology makes these sneakers lightweight while yet providing exceptional cushioning and support.
  • A one-of-a-kind shoe structure that completely secures your foot with a dynamic and tight fit.
  • The outsole’s rubber lugs increase grip on a range of surfaces.


  • Whereas earlier Air Max models packed as much air as possible into the sole, the VaporMax focuses on using less air more productively. The designers were able to identify the exact amount of Air as well as Air location required to assist a runner’s stride by using pressure mapping of the foot.
  • It is one of the most comfortable running sneakers in the industry.
  • Durable.
  • As per wearer, it has a good fit.
  • According to one reviewer, the shoe is light.
  • It has a nice appearance and a trendy design.
  • It keeps their feet warm when moving in chilly weather.


  • A few customers complained about the shoe’s squeaky sound, saying it was excessively loud and distracting.
  • According to several consumers, the shoe runs large.
  • Costly


The Nike Air VaporMax impressed me. I was pleased with the shoe’s design, comfort, durability, and performance after putting it through its paces. However, I thought the sizing was confusing, and I didn’t enjoy the squeaky sound of the shoes. With all of the reviews out of the way, it is easy to conclude that the VaporMax is a successful launch.

The 5 Best Adidas Tennis Shoes

1. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3

We’re not sure if it’s the colors, which include bright green, electric orange, and zebra print, but these Ubersonic 3 seem quick, even on players who are only warming up before a game. 

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Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major

If you’re a competitive tennis player who plays a few times per week or more and requires a high-performance, long-lasting shoe, the Adidas Adizero line is for you.

This shoe has a textile and synthetic top and a thick rubber outsole for long-lasting sturdiness. Adidas eliminated the tongue of these sneakers, leaving only a mesh top into which you insert your foot. It improves comfort by decreasing the possibility of your tongue touching or irritating your foot. This unique top design also fits around your foot like a sock, making it simpler to manage the shoe and improve performance.

Because of the thick, rubber sole, it is one of the most dependable shoes on the market. The Adituff toe acts as a protective barrier for tennis players who drag their foot on serves or volleys.

Adidas’ new range is also lighter than their prior footwear. They appear to have decreased some of the padding around the ankle and top of the foot, which does not affect comfort but may lessen support a little.


  • For advanced players, this is a very durable shoe.
  • The top is really comfortable and fits like a sock.
  • It is excellent for every court surface or player type.
  • It is the ideal blend of durability and performance.


  • There is less ankle support than in other shoes.
  • Poor breathability.


The Ubersonic 3s provided more underfoot cushioning than its predecessors. These shoes are sturdy, lightweight, and breathable, with enough comfort to allow playing two matches in one day more pleasurable.

2. Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4

The Ubersonic 4 is my favorite lightweight shoe and excellent for players that prefer a quick, light-footed sensation around the court. They were brought back owing to consumer demand after Adidas introduced the third generation of their Ubersonic range.

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Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major

I ranked these shoes second on my list because I appreciate the durability of the Gel Resolution 8s more. Many players, however, believe that durable-oriented shoes make them feel slow on the court, particularly on surfaces like clay that aren’t as hard on the soles.

This is not the case with the Ubersonic 4, which has great speed and efficiency. The only disadvantage for certain players will be the sock fit and lack of a tongue, which makes them more difficult to obtain for particular foot types.


  • Extremely light
  • Great comfort
  • Despite its lightweight design, it has a high level of stability.


  • The structure of the socks makes them more difficult to put on. 
  • Many players claim that the laces are excessively thin but easy enough to change.

3. Adidas Courtjam Bounce

Adidas’ Courtjam Bounce is an excellent shoe for those who do not play competitively or simply want a decent deal.

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adidas Courtjam Bounce Tennis Shoe Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major

The Courtjam Bounce, like other Adidas sneakers, provides an excellent balance of stability, ease, and performance. When your foot touches the court, the Bounce technology gives comfort. The textile and synthetic upper, as well as additional padding around the tongue and ankle, offer comfort and security. The Adituff technology around the toe increases durability, while the rubber sole protects the shoe’s edges.

Professional tennis players who play many times each week and move swiftly around the court may easily pull out these sneakers.


  • Excellent value for all skill levels 
  • Good comfort and support 
  • Provides a secure and strong fit 


  • Not very long-lasting for all court movements


According to my experience, these shoes give a comfortable fit and great responsiveness, but the lateral outrigger gave stability and the ADIWEAR 6 outsole proved extremely durable. These shoes fit slightly wider than a regular medium and worked fine for me with larger feet, however other people needed two sets of socks to obtain a more comfortable grip.

Overall, it was a wonderful fit for me because I have somewhat larger feet and want a shoe with great style, longevity, and cushioned comfort. And also Adidas has this shoe variation for both men and women.

4. Adidas SoleCourt Primeblue Tennis Shoes

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adidas Mens Solecourt Primeblue Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major


  • Provides a steady feeling.
  • Closure with lace.
  • Along the lateral sides, there is distinctive three-stripe detail.
  • The midsole provides you with the energy you need to blast your opponents away.
  • The TPU chassis and sculpted heel counter work together to maintain your posture for precise striking.
  • AdiwearTM synthetic outsole with herringbone pattern and high side wrap for added traction.


  • Durability.
  • Provides lateral support,
  • It is motivated by a constant pursuit of innovation as well as decades of sports scientific knowledge.


  • May easily get stained after light usage.

5. Adidas Gamecourt Tennis Shoes

There are no promises on the court if there is no control. So Barricade has returned to help you in dominating. The simple lacing system on these Adidas tennis shoes secures you simply drawing the neoprene tongue down to fit your foot shape. To finish the connection, a Geofit system in the heel fills the existing gap. 

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adidas Mens Gamecourt Tennis Shoe Review Lifestyle Major


  • Lacing mechanism built-in
  • Upper made of textile with a neoprene tongue and an Adituff toe.
  • Padded, stable, and locked-in sensation
  • Bounce midsole with TPU midfoot shank and foam pods at the heel


  • Cushioning in the shape of responsive Boost, Cloudfoam, or EVA absorbs shock and brings stability for Arthritic Feet.


  • There has been some concern that there is a minor break-in period. This period of adaptation might take up to a week. If you wear them frequently, your break-in period will be less than if you do not wear them day after day.


I’ve never been a big admirer of the Barricade. I tried them once or twice during my tennis games and found them to be quite big and heavy. Of course, the reward of all that weight is legendary lifespan, which, as far as I recall, was absolutely true of the pairs I’ve had in the past.

As I slid the shoes on for the first time, they felt rather heavy. The result is a strong, confident bond between you and the court. The disadvantage is that it appears to need more effort and energy to get my feet moving rapidly. As someone who has always relied heavily on speed, heavier shoes like the Barricade have always annoyed me.

I’m not suggesting that the weight of this shoe prevents me from playing my best tennis, or that it truly slows me down in any way. I’m trying to describe how these sneakers make me feel on the court. If you want a sturdy, stable, and supportive pair of shoes regardless of weight, the Barricade is definitely your best choice.


Final Words

So, these are our best tennis shoe selections for 2021. We also brought to light some of the more common patterns that models have in terms of having two types of brands. We hope you found them useful, regardless of your level of play.

If you prefer comfort from your shoes, I recommend any of the Nike models, particularly the Vapors. When it comes to durability, balance, and support, the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4 is an excellent choice if you want long-lasting shoes that are also pleasant.

As a final remark, I believe that Adidas brand shoes are superior to Nike brand sneakers. I also like the Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 4, which I believe is the greatest model on our list and best suited to the majority of players.

Finally, the most essential point is that there is no such thing as a perfect shoe, you will have to sacrifice in some fashion at some time.

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