How To Tie Duck Boots? (For Beginners)

The boots became an element of the uniform of top prep school students. Bean boots were so popular in 2010 that there was a production shortage. To meet the clients, a demand for twice the output was made. Because of its attractive and classic style and use in school in England, this sort of footwear became a staple of prep fashion.

How Do You Tie a Pair of Bean Boots?

I have the 8′′ navy bean boots, so I like to leave a few holes undone, but my husband has the 6′′ boots and he knots his all the way up; it’s completely a personal decision; just remember that you’ll need enough lace to tie this knot while still being able to put on the shoe.


  1. Make a little loop. This is the most difficult thing for me! It may take a few tries to obtain the perfect size loop, but about an inch and a quarter is all you need.
  2. Twist your fold so that the tail wraps over the back. This step isn’t strictly required, but I think it helps to hold the knot a little better since it provides a little stress.
  3. Begin looping the shoelace as tightly as you can around the loop.
  4. Continue wrapping. 
  5. When you reach the finish, leave a small loop and a little bit of extra lace. This is the method we’ll use to tie the knot.
  6. Insert the end of the lace through the little loop you’ve made.
  7. Tighten it up.

You’re finished! By scrunching from the top, you may adjust the knot!

Note: You may need to practice a few times before you get the knot just perfect.


While creating a small loop:

  • The base of the loop should be right up to the eyelet from which the lace is emerging.
  • Make a loop that is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) length. If it’s too long or too short, you might not be able to tie the knot afterwards.
  • Pinch the base of the loop between your index and middle fingers to keep it in place.

While wrapping the lace around the loop:

  • Each wrap around should be directly next to the one before it. When you’re about.25 inches (0.64 cm) from the end of the loop, stop winding the lace around it.
  • When you come to a halt, there should be a small piece of the loop popping out from the wrapped lace.

Different Ways On How To Tie Your Duck Boots!

Traditional Lacing Method

It is important to wear slim jeans or leggings throughout the winter. Accessorizing your look with bean boots adds a fashionable and appealing touch to your entire attire. In such situations, you can use the classic lacing approach.

  • You must wear a long sock over the bottom half of your skinny jeans or leggings to pull this off. You may then quickly slip your boots on. 
  • Once you’ve worn it, tie the laces to the top of the boots. 
  • You may also alternatively pull the laces from one side to the other. 

This will create a crisscross pattern in front of your boots.


  • Push the laces through the holes on the bottom of the boot. Each end of the lace should be threaded through a separate hole. You want them to go up through the holes rather than down through the surface.
  • Once both ends are through, take one end in each hand and draw the ends out so that there is an equal amount of lace on both sides of the boot.
  • Thread the lace’s left end through the next hole up on the right side. Pull the lace up through the hole rather than down through the top.
  • Pull the lace all the way through with your hand once the end of the lace is through.
  • Insert the right end of the lace into the next hole on the left side. Insert the second end of the lace through the inside of the opening, as you did with the first.
  • Pull the lace through once the end is all the way through. You should notice the beginning of a criss-cross pattern on your boot now that you’ve crossed the two ends of the laces.
  • Continue crossing the laces over the sides of the boot until the entire boot is laced up.
  • Lace the boot to the second-to-last hole from the top for a looser fit.
  • Lace all the way to the top of your boot till you’ve gone through every hole if you want it to be nice and tight.

Curled Lacing Method

The curled lacing method is another way to tie your boots. It is necessary to leave your boots untied in order to create curled ends. You should also leave a few grommets on top of your boots unlaced so the laces are long enough for you to grasp.

  • On at least one side, you must hold the highest section of your lace. You should keep it about an inch or two away from the bean boot.
  • The remainder of the lace can then be left hanging.
  • You may then fold the lace over and give it a twist.
  • You may discover the footwear by starting from the bottom section of the lace that you have twisted and wrapping the remaining part of the lace of your boot around the folded part.
  • You may keep moving in circles until you reach a little hoop at the end.
  • The end piece should be inserted into the loop.
  • When you’re finished, you may tighten the lace. It should produce a strong enough curl. Even if you take your boots on and off, it should not come undone.

Un-tied Method 

You may utilize the un-tied option if you want to feel more relaxed and walk around with comfort while wearing your boots.

It can provide you more room to move when walking, and you can also tuck your pants inside because there will be plenty of room. If you have short laces, you can leave it untied to avoid dragging the laces to the ground. When wearing khakis, this strategy works great.

Make a bow using the laces

This is another technique to knot your bean boot laces in a fashionable and precise manner. This procedure might help to keep the laces from looking untidy. Loosely tying the laces is more casual and helps you appear more relaxed. You must un-tie all of the threads before you can feel your feet are secure.

Why Do You Need To Learn To Tie A Pair of Duck Boots?

Duck boots are one of the most useful and fashionable pieces of footwear that anyone can add to their wardrobe. They are especially important during the winter. Duck boots have their own fashionable and distinct feel, but you may improve and smarten them by knowing how to knot them. It will not only make your duck boots more efficient and stylish, but it will also make you gain confidence.

Final Takeaway 

It’s not difficult to figure out how to tie your bean boots; all you need are the correct denim and lace. You may also wear boots with a variety of clothes to improve your fashion sense and raise your self-confidence.