how to Prevent Grass and Water Stains On Shoes? (Explained)

3 Easy Steps to prevent Grass and Water Stains On Your Shoe

Grass stains are easy to get on your shoe and though you can remove the stains easily, it feels hard to wear them if your shoes are a grass stain or water stain magnet knowing that you have to remove the stains later. But it’s better to protect, prevent and take action before it causes you to remove the green stains.

1. Select a stain repellent specific for your shoe type

Apply a stain repellent to your shoes before wearing them to keep them clean. Shake the container before applying a thin, uniform coating to the whole shoe. Rep with the other shoe. Remember to spray the soles and laces as well, if appropriate.

  • Buy a leather stain repellent if your shoes are made of leather or suede.
  • Most sorts of stains are resistant to canvas or mesh sneakers.

2. To protect your shoes from rain and snow, use a water repellent

After the stain repellent has fully dried, use a water repellent to further protect your shoes. 

  • Shake the container or bottle before spraying a thin, uniform coating over the whole shoe. 
  • Repeat on the opposite shoe, and allow the product to dry completely before putting them on.

3. Repetition is required every several weeks

The stain and water repellent will only last a few weeks after application. Start applying the repellants every few weeks to guarantee your shoes remain stain-free.

It’s also recommended that if you don’t want to do these tasks to prevent water stains, and just want to wear a shoe and forget about stain at all, then there are these waterproof shoes are just for you.

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