5 Best Salomon Running Shoes Review of 2022

Salomon has made some excellent running shoes as you might wonder to buy any right now. It will amaze you how good they fit and what prices they come in. Although fit and all come in personal choices, we have picked our top 3 picks here.

Best Overall: Salomon Sonic 4 Balance
Best Lightweight: Salomon S/Lab Phantasm
Best Budget Friendly: Salomon Sonic 3 Balance

Now we would get into the real running business by comparing the 5 Best Salomon running shoes according to our test. We have put the test result as a comparison table below for your convenience and ranked the shoes on each factor of tests and survey we’ve conducted.

Best Salomon Running ShoesColorsBest FitLight WeightVibration DampeningBest MidsoleOutsole Grip (Traction)Affordability
Salomon Sonic 3 BalanceMultiple2nd3rd2nd2nd4rd1st
Salomon Sonic 4 Balance Multiple1st2nd1st1st 3nd3th
Salomon S/Lab PhantasmSingle4th1st4th5th2nd5th
Salomon Predict 2Multiple5th5th5th4th5th4th
Salomon Sense Ride 4 Multiple3rd4th3rd3rd 1st 2nd

Our editors’ research, test, and recommend the actual best products; you can learn more about our product review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases.

1. Salomon Sonic 3 Balance 

Salomon Sonic 4 Balance


  • The midsole foam is responsive and solid, rather than bouncy.
  • The stretchy mesh upper easily fits larger feet.


  • It is not suitable for individuals who like soft cushioning.

The Sonic 3 Balance is a flexible neutral shoe with enough cushioning for extended runs but will feel most reactive on workouts.

The shoe cushioning has been totally redesigned, with two types of foam used: the top is a thicker, memory foam-like heel insert that absorbs shock, while the bottom foundation layer is light and flexible. Salomon teamed up with Dow Chemical on the later foam to offer the Balance some of the bounce and energy return that the previous Sonics lacked. When combined with a deep guiding groove on the outsole, the result is a smooth ride with, particularly fast and snappy transitions.

One of our testers said that it was neither too soft nor too hard. The Sonic has less padding than he is used to, yet it feels quick and recharges his spirits.


It has some appearance and provides a comfortable ride, but it is not very fancy, showy, or quick. It’s flexible, stable, and supportive for everyday running, but it’s not going to the races. I experienced no blisters or discomfort even after a lot of use. The Sonic has a more durable and responsive foam, which I prefer, plus I have larger feet, so it’s good to see Salomon make shoes with a bit more room in the midfoot.

2. Salomon Sonic 4 Balance 

Salomon Sonic 4 Balance review Lifestyle Major


  • Cushioning is strong but not harsh, similar to Salomon’s trail shoes.
  • Good grip is provided by the durable ContaGrip blown rubber outsole.


  • Outsole grooves can become clogged with rocks and debris.

The Sonic 4 Balance is a solid high-mileage partner for runners who like a hard, stiff daily trainer that doesn’t compromise on cushioning.


When we examined the Sonic 3 Balance, we discovered that the cushioning in the heel and forefoot was quite firm. That midsole stays identical in the 4, but it’s essential to note that solid cushioning doesn’t always imply insufficient cushioning, and it certainly doesn’t imply a rough ride.

Over longer runs, our testers reported that the Sonic maintained their legs feeling well-protected from the hammering. For many runners who have ongoing knee difficulties, a firm shoe may be preferable. Some biomechanical studies show that an overly soft sensation underfoot might cause you to contact the ground harder with each footfall even if you aren’t aware of it, which may contribute to injury.

Read Full Sonic 4 Balance Review


This shoe’s most appealing features are its soft material, little stitching, and snug fit around the foot. Salomon kept it simple, and it works great. The surface is thick and cushioned, but I wouldn’t call this shoe soft; it’s more suited to runners who prefer a strong, stiff shoe to push off fast during tempo runs or speedwork.

I felt quite safe riding up and down hills and through bends, and I was also able to maintain a very solid stride on trails. This shoe gripped loose gravel better than others I’ve tested and depended on the very minimum outsole damage, I can see it surviving many more miles without trouble.

3. Salomon S/Lab Phantasm 

Salomon S-Lab Phantasm shoes review


  • Upper is made of a very breathable, transparent single-layer mesh.
  • The transition from rockered sole to toe off is fairly rapid.


  • There is very little backing.
  • Slippery laces are more likely to come undone.

It’s not Salomon’s first road-racing shoe, but it’s the brand’s most basic but expensive. The lightweight construction provides just enough material to keep the Phantasm attached to your foot yet allowing you to move quickly. 

One tester felt that, despite the fact that there are lighter alternatives available, this shoe seems lighter. However, because of its design, the shoe is better suited for shorter road events than marathons.

The midsole is a thin piece of “Energy Surge” foam, which mixes EVA with a copolymer compound to make it more bouncy and soft than EVA alone. Despite this, the Phantasm has a rather rough, but gentle ride.


Because this shoe is unisex, multiply the given men’s size by one to get the women’s size.

As an example: A means 7 is equal to a women’s 8.

4. Salomon Sense Ride 4

Salomon Sensiride 4 shoe review


  • It is more lightweight than the Sense Ride 3 and has trail-specific features including a debris-resistant mesh and a rock plate at a cheaper price.


  • Has incredibly long laces that can fall out of the tongue’s storage pouch.

The top of the 4 has minimal overlays and stitching to decrease the possibility of hot spots, but there is additional coverage around the toes for protection. The upper portion of the heel has less cloth, but cushioned pods keep your foot in place and prevent uncomfortable slipping, and the tongue wraps around the midfoot like a jacket.

The shoe’s traction is still our favorite feature; 4mm diamond-shaped lugs dig into soft soil and dirt yet are constructed of sticky rubber that clings both wet and dry terrain.

One tester stated that the new model gave her more confidence. She was fascinated by the traction. She was also at ease running down a hill.

5. Salomon Predict 2

Salomon Predict 2 shoes review


  • Infiniride midsole replacement.
  • It has good traction on rainy roads.


  • Severe overpronators may require extra assistance.
  • The high ankle collar caused irritation for several of our testers.

Salomon’s road line includes the Predict, which brings some remarkable technology to the surface. As per our testers, the new version has the company’s new Infiniride cushioning, which provides a somewhat softer landing than Salomon’s other road shoes.

It has the same grooved midsole structure as its predecessor, the Predict RA, which makes it flexible but supportive without any typical stability elements. Perhaps having medial posts or varying thicknesses of foam, the midsole has strong outsole pillars with grooves aligned with your foot’s joints to provide an incredibly smooth, stable ride. 

One of our testers commented that while the heel cushioning seemed to absorb impact equally and he never felt bottomed out, there was insufficient forefoot cushioning for him. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to undertake a double-digit mileage run with this.

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