What color shirt goes with brown shoes? (Explained)

Brown shoes are quite popular! The brown shoe is always the most gorgeous thing you can wear, regardless of the occasion. Do you have trouble deciding what color shirt to go with your brown shoes?

Brown shoe combos might save the day if you’re in a hurry. If you’re stuck, I’ll suggest a brown shoe style to assist you out. I’ll discuss brown shoe fashion, including what color shirt to go with brown shoes and when to wear them! Let’s get right down to business!


Yes, you read that correctly. If you didn’t already know, brown and brown go well together. 

To begin, choose which brown tones and tints complement your present clothing. Dark chocolate brown, natural tan, whiskey or brandy, and cocoa or latte are among the options. You may discover that having a pair of dark brown and a more natural shade of pants greatly enhances your wardrobe options.

If we had one piece of advice to provide, it would be to combine a brown with a slightly different tone, such as a mahogany brown, with a tone of the opposite hue, such as a dark, chocolate brown, for greatest contrast.


Simply add a white shirt to your wardrobe and you’ll be ready to go at any time. It provides classic, effortless grace all year without ever going out of style. Men may always look elegant with a white shirt, whether they’re attending a casual business meeting or a lovely date night.

You only need a little creativity to come up with a wide selection of fashion choices, regardless of your personality, tastes, or events.

No outfit is complete without the appropriate footwear, and, like a white shirt, a pair of brown shoes is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Keep your shirt unbuttoned for a casual excursion to give a little extra pizzazz to your ensemble. When buttoned up, the same shirt will be a wonderful match for an alternative and preppy style. The use of rolled-up sleeves should be praised since it conveys a relaxed attitude.

Brown shoes match well with any leather Chelsea boots or wide laced boots when it comes to footwear.


Consider the hues of autumn: rich burgundy or orangey red, forest green, and burnt orange, and you’ll have an idea of earth tones. Brown, like the bark of a tree trunk, goes well with all of those colors, but to be sure you’re getting it properly, search for a tonal match as well.

A dark green shirt, for example, looks better with dark brown shoes than light brown shoes. If that’s not an option, come down on the side of caution and wear boots or shoes that are darker than your shirt. Natural tan or whiskey-colored shoes go exceptionally well with all of these natural hues and emit a real fall mood.


Chocolate brown with pink tones is a winning and uncommon combination. Both of these hues are similar to red, and the contrast of pastel and dark brown is wonderful, much like a chocolate with cherry cream filling.

Brown accessories in the same hue as your shoes are essential for tying these different ensembles together.


While black is a neutral, it is in a class by itself because it is a wardrobe staple. The combination of black and brown has sparked a lot of debate among fashionistas.

Some individuals are likely to be afraid of mixing these two hues, and this concern may stem from men’s fashion, where men are taught from an early age to pick between black and brown shoes, and then advised which colors to wear with each. And, on the whole, this is solid advice for males.

It’s easy and appropriate for a man to grab a pair of black shoes and a black belt when he puts on a black shirt. However, there are several more factors to consider for women. Black and brown, when done effectively, create a dynamic and fascinating combination.

There are a few different ways to incorporate brown shoes into a black-heavy look. The first is to incorporate pieces that include both colors, such as animal patterns.

When mixing black shirt with brown footwear, another approach to get a stunning effect is to make sure that both colors are evenly spread throughout the ensemble, and that your browns are extremely closely matched.

Try wearing dark brown shoes or boots with a black shirt and a brown belt and purse that are as close to the brown shoes as possible. Choose jewelry that includes or works well with both hues, such as copper-toned pieces or gemstone beads, to complete the style. An animal print scarf, whether a simple one knotted around the neck or a huge statement one, truly brings this ensemble together.

The contrast between mainly black clothing and whiskey-colored shoes or boots is striking. For a sophisticated look, pair this hue with a camel jacket or accessories.


White, gray, beige, cream, ivory, tan, teal and taupe are all neutrals, which means they go with a wide range of footwear colors, including browns of varying shades. Some combinations, however, are more difficult to pull off than others.

Consider trying to pair brown heels with a gray shirt. This is entirely possible, but it takes a great deal of attention to detail, particularly in terms of tonal values and color balance. Hence, if your shirt is dark gray, you’ll need dark brown shoes, as well as other brownish neutrals in the remainder of your clothing and accessories. However, a pair of brown or whiskey-colored shoes would look great with any gray hue, especially the darker shades. It creates a warm, earthy contrast.

With brown shoes, some neutrals are quite easy to wear. Cream, white, tan, and a hint of taupe beg to be matched with brown boots and shoes, and varied hues of brown footwear frequently look better with these colors than black. 

Brown shoes or boots, regardless of the season, lend depth and warmth to these light neutrals. With a tone of milk and white, cocoa or latte-colored shoes add a tenderness to the ensemble that darker shoes can’t match.


Shades of brown don’t combine well with metallic, as per conventional fashion thinking and your eye. It’s usually wise to avoid going there. Shoes with silver, gold, or bronze-toned clothes should normally be black, jewel tones, or a metallic color that is the same but a shade lighter or darker as your outfit.

However, if you ever find yourself in a position where the only shoe option for a metallic ensemble is brown, you might be able to make it work. Dark brown shoes look best with yellow and pink-based metallic such as gold, copper, bronze, and brass, but not so much with silvers, chromes, or pewters. You could be shocked if you take a good look in the mirror.


Every wardrobe needs at least one blue shirt. Its importance stems from its versatility. Shirts are now worn outside of the formal business or office atmosphere. There are a variety of fabrics, colors, designs, and cuts available these days, and there is always a shirt for any event or weather.

Which pair of brown shoes would look best with the blue shirt?

Even if many men are hesitant to wear brown and blue together, they actually look great together. There are as many different hues and varieties of brown shoes as there are different shades and types of shirts. It may appear intimidating, but putting together a fashionable outfit with your blue shirt and brown shoes is actually fairly simple and enjoyable.

Let’s start with the most common brown shoe colors:

Light brown

Any dark beige, tan, or camel colour counts as light brown. Since they are light-colored, they may require extra care because they are more likely to stain and scratch than darker brown shoes. Light brown shoes, especially in the summer, combine nicely with light-colored outfits. Wear camel Chukka boots with a blue plaid flannel shirt in chilly weather.

Medium brown

It might be the hue of brown that first comes to mind when you think of brown shoes. Copper, bronze, caramel, and walnut are all examples of medium brown. Your copper brown boots will look great with a blue chambray shirt.

Dark brown

Dark brown shoes are a more formal brown shoe option to black shoes because they may be worn in more official or business settings. Dark browns like chocolate, umber, and hickory pair well with navy or midnight blue shirts. You may wear a navy blue shirt with chocolate brown dress shoes to any formal event!

Burgundy brown

Burgundy brown, like mahogany or sienna, is a medium dark brown with a red hue. Burgundy brown is considerably warmer than regular brown because of the red in it, and it softens your clothing, especially if it’s a business one.

Burgundy browns, like dark browns, can be worn in formal settings. A dark blue suit with a lighter blue shirt and burgundy dress shoes is a good choice. Pair the same shoes with cuffed dark wash jeans and a blue denim shirt for a more relaxed look.