What color shirt goes with navy blue pants? (Complete Guide)

what color shirt goes with navy blue pants

It might be difficult to mix and match a shirt with navy blue pants at times. Despite the fact that a man’s wardrobe is limited, putting together the perfect outfit with shirts and pants is still possible with the right contrast and color combination.

Pants are a must-have in a man’s wardrobe since they come in a variety of colors and may be worn for a lot of events. However, if being different isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to stick to classic hues, you can wind up with only black or navy blue pants. So, if you want to wear navy blue pants and shirts and yet seem fashionable, you’ll need to know what shirt color works with them.

What color shirt goes with navy blue pants [MEN]

Navy blue is one of those hues that is both classy and easygoing. Since it can be worn absolutely anywhere, it has swiftly become a favorite of many fashionable men.

Knowing the core idea of contrasting colors is the key to completing your navy blue pants look. As navy blue trousers are considered dark pants, they would look great with a light-colored top.

Elements like this hue make it ideal for wearing with a white shirt and likewise. This is because both hues are linked with simplicity and minimalism, so they complement each other nicely.

We’ll go through shirt colors that go nicely with navy blue pants in the section below.


What color shirt goes with navy blue pants

The shirt is the first thing that any man should think about while mixing different colored outfits. In this scenario, a white shirt may be worn with navy blue slacks without causing any issues.

It’s reasonable to believe that every man should have a white shirt in his wardrobe. White is such a simple hue, but it captures the attention of many people. If you enjoy the elegance of monotone, the white shirt and navy blue pants combination is great.

This outfit is ideal for informal events such as going out with friends on the weekend or to school.

Don’t forget to pair this look with brown leather loafers.


What color shirt goes with navy blue pants

Pink or pale pink is another hue that goes well with navy blue trousers.

The casual pairing of a pink shirt and navy slacks is really easy to put together in seconds and makes you appear really stylish.

These are hues linked with ‘sweetness,’ and they are also appropriate for casual attire. Wearing two bright colors together, on the other hand, is best avoided since it may be highly overpowering. To make the entire suit seem appealing, males should stick to soft colors like pastel pink.

Wear your favorite brown suede loafers to add a more refined touch to this ensemble.


Light blue is another hue that may be worn with navy blue trousers.

When you need to seem fashionable but also smart, pair a light blue dress shirt with navy dress slacks. And it’s a tried-and-true combination for business attire.

Men who wish to wear this sort of combination should make sure that both colors are not too loud and colorful, as this might make them appear too loud and vibrant, which no one likes.

Pair this look with a pair of black leather loafers for a stylish finish.


Gray is another color that may be worn with navy blue pants as long as the two colors are not clashing.

Light gray goes well with dark blue, especially when coupled with white or black shoes and belts.

The blend of blue and gray is always fashionable while remaining conservative and appropriate for the job. These colors not only complement each other nicely, but they also fit well, making them the most adaptable men’s apparel color combo.

Men, on the other hand, should avoid wearing a white shirt with dark gray slacks since it might give them an ‘old man’ image.


You may also wear your navy blue slacks with a plain black shirt. Everybody knows that a plain black shirt is a favorite of a fashionable man.

In fact, every man should own a black shirt because it is quite flexible and ideal for formal situations. But, unless worn by someone with pale complexion or dark hair, this hue does not go well with navy blue jeans.

Wearing a black top with navy blue slacks might be overbearing and look overly dark on males with light skin tones. The same may be said about males with excessively black hair.

6. RED

When you’re short on time, a red shirt and blue jeans are the type of off-duty look you need.

Men may seem attractive and edgy by wearing red with navy blue jeans. This color combination, however, is not recommended for guys with dark hair or pale complexion since it may make them look more feminine than macho.

Finish off the look with black and white low top shoes.


A yellow or gold shirt with navy blue slacks is equally acceptable for men.

These hues are ideal if you want two neutral colors that may be worn practically anyplace. Men should avoid wearing too many bright colors together, since this will make the entire outfit appear noisy and unpleasant.

When attending a casual function, wear a light-yellow shirt with navy blue pants or chinos. Wear it with dark brown formal shoes, a watch, and a brown leather belt.

A yellow crew neck t-shirt or a yellow polo t-shirt, on the other hand, may be worn casually with navy blue jeans. Wear a pair of white shoes to complete the outfit.


Wearing a purple shirt with navy blue jeans is ideal for guys who want to add a splash of color to their clothing.

This outfit is appropriate for casual situations, especially when matched with dark brown shoes and belts. Of course, this combination will not work with formal wear such as suits and ties, so selecting the appropriate wardrobe is critical.

For some, a purple shirt may seem out of place, but wait till you try it with navy blue pants. A purple shirt and navy blue pants are a delightful combo to incorporate into your regular wardrobe. Finish with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.


There’s no doubt that a plain white shirt is appropriate for every occasion, but for a twist, you might choose a white-colored shirt to complement your blue slacks. The checkered pattern can be any size or shape, thin or thick.

Wearing a white checkered shirt with navy blue slacks after work might be ideal for men who wish to seem fashionable. The former is appropriate for informal events, whilst the latter is appropriate for official circumstances such as attending meetings or working in an office.


Neutral hues, such as a light blue striped shirt, can easily be paired with navy blue slacks

Striped shirts are also available in a variety of styles, including horizontal, vertical, pin, and broad. The intriguing thing about the striped shirt is that you don’t need to wear a tie because the attractive patterns will compliment your formal appearance well.

This color combination, on the other hand, is great for guys with pale skin tones or dark hair since it makes the entire ensemble seem less overpowering and more balanced.


You may also wear your navy blue slacks with a plain black shirt. Everyone knows that a plain black shirt is a favorite of a fashionable man.

Men can wear checkered patterns on casual occasions instead of sticking to plain hues. Wearing a black checkered shirt with navy blue slacks will appear fantastic, especially if worn by someone with dark hair or pale skin tone.

Outfit Ideas

1. Dress up your look by wearing a dark green polo with navy dress pants. You can round off your casual style with more casual shoes, such as a pair of white canvas low-top sneakers and spectacles.

2.You may also go with a white polo and blue dress pants for a simple yet elegant appearance. Also, if you want to rapidly design your outfit with a pair of shoes, go with white low top sneakers.

What color shirt goes with navy blue pants [WOMEN]

Any woman’s outfit should include neutral hues. They may be used to create a variety of ensembles for different occasions, sometimes as important elements to tone down a statement piece or as vital pieces to finish a relaxed yet fashionable appearance.

That’s why navy blue pants should be one of your wardrobe’s staples, especially in the workplace sector. Navy blue is a formal, neutral, and professional hue, making it suitable for a professional look ranging from a job interview to a meeting with your employer.

However, navy blue is a hard hue, and you might be thinking what else works with navy blue trousers except a white shirt.

Navy blue looks great with white, but there are a variety of other fashionable combos to choose from. What matters is that you understand which colors, designs, and textures work best with navy blue pants so you can put together charming and trendy ensembles on your own for forever!

When we think about what color shirt to wear with navy blue jeans, we normally think of white, but it is far from the only option.

We need to speak about the colors before we can talk about what to wear with navy blue jeans. When it comes to pulling off beautiful navy pants ensembles, learning the color combinations you may make with navy can give you more options.

The following are the nicest color combinations you can make:


If you’re searching for something traditional, a white shirt is the way to go.

This hue goes with everything, from a white t-shirt to a white button-down. Simply accessorize with flashes of color such as red shoes, a camel belt, a striped handbag, or whatever you have on hand to improve your appearance!


Yellow is a difficult hue to work with when it comes to navy blue. It has the ability to create a classy ensemble while also having the ability to distract from it by making it appear tacky.

The easiest approach to wear navy blue with yellow is to pick a hue that complements your skin tone and accessorize with neutrals. When wearing a navy-yellow combo, avoid adding extra colors to your clothing.


In comparison to the primary yellow hue, mustard yellow is simpler to pair with navy blue jeans. Complete the look with accessories in camel, brown, black, or red.

An all-navy ensemble will elevate your navy blue jeans attire to the next level, making you seem smart and stylish.

As navy comes in a variety of shades and tones, you may create a low-contrast appearance by pairing a really dark navy pant with a lighter navy pant. This is a stylish approach to embrace the monochrome aesthetic.

With these styles, you’ll definitely turn heads the next time you go into the office!


Cobalt blue is a stylish hue that is quite popular in the fashion world. For a refined appearance, pair your navy blue pants with any hue of cobalt blue!


Checks and polka dots are other popular choices for navy blue pants. If you’re searching for something traditional and feminine, these outfits are a good place to start.

You may add stylish sunglasses to give a touch of class. A pair of high waist wide leg or palazzo navy pants would be the finest alternative for you if you want to take your navy blue pant attire to the next level!

They give the appearance of a tiny waist with minimal effort, which is exactly what every lady desires!


If you’re not sure what to wear with navy trousers, stripes are a great and simple top choice.

Stripes and blue pants are a timeless and feminine combo that you shouldn’t overlook. It also has a nautical feel to it, which may help you dress up your regular looks.

Nude or pastel accessories are my favorite way to accessorize this outfit.

You may also go for a vertical striped shirt instead of the traditional horizontal stripes.

Even if the stripes are barely visible, stripes with navy blue pants are always a nice option.


Monochromatic outfits have grown popular among fashionistas, and pairing navy blue with denim is a terrific way to get in on the action. Denim is always a stylish option to combine with navy pants, whether it’s in a dark or light wash.


It’s usually a good idea to pair neutrals with neutrals, which is why navy blue pants will always look fantastic with nude hues. Navy and nude hues create a classy color palette as well as a stylish ensemble!


Navy and green are a terrific match since they are both cool hues that complement each other well.

Apart from white and navy, an olive green shirt with navy blue pants is undoubtedly one of the most popular combos. It’s a go-to solution for work and a classic!

Emerald green is the most stylish color to pair with navy: it’s less common than olive green, making you stand out, and it contrasts with the dark and deep navy blue.