How to style gogo boots? [Compete guide]

Aside from the iconic vintage design, Gogo boots are quite flexible in terms of styling. These cuties look great in everything from a casual off-duty outfit to a high-fashion suit.

So, if you’re looking to improve your fashion game with a splash of playfulness, have a look at the 12 outfit choices below. Enjoy!

12 Ways to style gogo boots


You don’t have to always wear a mod dress with Gogo boots just because they seem retro.

Treat it like a regular pair of white boots and wear it with whatever you want for a weekend coffee run look. The Gogo boots add a subtle sense of retro flair to any appearance, whether it’s a Classy Chanel co-ord set or a plain oversized white shirt.


When in doubt, try a bodycon dress to elongate your figure and pair it with Gogo boots to boost it up. This complete outfit is attractive, and you’ll be so hot that the colder seasons will be challenged. Just remember to bring a light jacket or coat in case the season chooses to fight back.


If you’re the sort of girl who wants to try on Gogo boots, there’s a good chance you’re open to trying on different types. So when we combine modern schoolgirl fashion with ’60s feelings, it’s the perfect mix for expressing your personality.

Combine the Gogo boots with a cropped tank top for a young schoolgirl appearance, and the mini checkered skirt is always a winner. Throw in a leopard print purse for extra quirkiness, and go for messy braids for the IT girl look.


Denim has been a tried-and-true wardrobe choice for women for hundreds of years. Wear your favorite denim with your Gogo boots this season. Feel free to get creative with your top pick because there is no incorrect way to wear denim with a top. This is a pretty fantastic street-style outfit, especially for the fall.


Wearing elegant Gogo boots looks absolutely one-of-a-kind in a world when everyone is expressing retro style with Mary Janes and kitten heels. It’s time to embrace all types of patterns and designs for a classic throwback aesthetic. So, ladies, take out your Grandma’s flowered romper or color block dress for some mixing and matching.

So don’t worry if you don’t have any old clothing; I’m confident that current clothing will work just as well! This outfit is traditional and beautiful when you pair a white sweater with a classic skirt.


This fall, look fashionable with a modern sweater dress. Alternatively, if you want to spice up your 60s style, match your boots with a retro outfit. Everyone will be calling you for style advice since this is edgy in every aspect. It seems to me that a little extra cash is never a bad thing.


Bring sexiness back with a little black dress that says you’re a Rave-worthy style star in more ways than just one. Plus, when paired with Gogo boots, they match so well you’d think they were meant for each other.


A midi blazer dress is hot, but when you add the belt and tighten the waist, it’s just scorching. When going for this style, don’t be scared to experiment with colors.

Pair a neutral-toned blazer dress with colorful Gogo boots, and you’re set to go!


If you’re wearing Gogo boots to a party and want to add a splash of color. Get yourself a stretchy headband to indicate you’ve thought about your appearance. Depending on the color of your boots, I will always choose the white one to match the Gogo boots for a cohesive effect.

If you want to take this killer style to the next level, add a pair of retro round sunglasses and you’re done! You are today’s dreamy girl.


Monochrome style is available to aid females who desire to seem high fashion in Gogo boots. Pairing a cream bodycon dress with Gogo boots instantly dresses you up as a set.

Of course, if you want to wear bright designs without seeming tacky, monochromatic combinations can soften the intensity and make you look united in your ensembles. Pair a polka dot tube dress with a puffy sleeve blouse that will never go out of style for a beautiful vintage look. The style is enhanced with a delicate white handle purse.


Since white boots are so eye-catching in nature, they might be a little daunting to style at first. That being said, for a put-together look, I recommend keeping your attire basic. A high neck black sweater paired with a Nike tennis skirt and Gogo boots may be very attractive.

As a petite woman, I like to match the skirt and boots in a same color tone since it visibly lengthens my leg. You’ll never want to go back after you’ve discovered this exploit!


If plain white Gogo boots aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to improve your game with all types of innovative patterns. Pair a slouchy graphic tee dress with all-over heart Gogo boots for a standout look. Then again, life can be difficult, and sometimes all we want is some joy from the booties!

Bela Hadid 

Bella Hadid is reintroducing the go-go boot in a fresh new way.

The model has recently been seen wearing Stuart Weitzman’s Clinger boot in white. Her most recent look was all-white, with a white jacket, skirt, and tank finished off with the boots. She added flashes of color with blue-tinted sunglasses and a pink furry purse. Is it the year 1970 or 2017? In any case, Hadid has us sold on the style.

Hadid wore the ensemble to New York to see the new Chrome Hearts store.

Hadid wore the boots to a design meeting with the Chrome Hearts team just a few weeks ago.

She also wore the boots at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris in January and recently in New York.

When it comes to this trend, Hadid is in the forefront, and she doesn’t appear to be going down at this point.

Final Thoughts 

Go-go boots were a popular women’s fashion item in the 1960s. Low heeled boots were ideal for dancing at discotheques and were worn with miniskirts.

Go-go boots were designed with a basic and sleek appearance that was regarded quite modern at the time of its creation. A classic go-go boot had a flat or extremely low heel and a toe that was occasionally rounded and rose to either calf or knee length.

Go-go boots were designed with a basic and sleek appearance that was regarded quite modern at the time of its creation. A basic go-go boot had a flat or extremely low heel and a toe that was occasionally rounded and rose to either calf or knee length.

In the 1970s, go-go boots transitioned from synthetic to leather and suede. Lace-up boots were the ideal companion to midi-length skirts and dresses by the 1980s. As part of stage costuming and cheerleading costumes, the go-go boot grew more popular.

Go-go boots saw a brief return in popularity throughout the 1980s. Currently, any boot that rises to a height of around the knee is commonly referred to as a go-go boot, irrespective of style, color, or heel choice.


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