Best Clothing Colors for Neutral Skin

Do you consider yourself to have neutral undertones? You don’t think you’re typically warm or cool? We’re here to help you understand the idea of neutral undertones and determine the best clothing colors for neutral skin that will look best on you.

Picking the best colors for neutral skin.

Before we go into the ideal colors for neutral skin tones, let’s understand what it is.

What is a neutral skin tone? 

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To begin, if you have a neutral undertone, your undertones are generally the same shade as your skin tone.

In other words, neutral undertones have no distinct shade of their own. The natural skin pigment takes priority.

Which is why harmonizing your item to your skin color can be difficult when choosing makeup or clothing, since it normally does not blend with the natural colors that are just underneath the surface of your skin. 

The majority of women who claim to be neutral are fair and have a mix of warm and cool characteristics. Their complexion may be clearly pink or yellow, and they may have warm hair and grayish blue eyes.

How to know if you have neutral skin? 

Before we get into the finest colors of clothing for neutral skin tones, it’s crucial to make sure you’re dealing with neutral undertones.

You can be certain by trying any of the techniques listed below: 

The vein test

A woman with a neutral skin tone would often have veins that are more subdued in shades, in contrast to the stronger, more colorful shades found in both cool and warm skin tones. In the vein test it is easy to find out your skin tone.

Gold vs Silver

If you look beautiful in both silver and gold and focus your decision on your clothes rather than your skin tone, you may have neutral undertones.

Reaction to the sun

Another method is to check the backside of your wrist, which is not normally vulnerable to severe color change as a result of sun exposure. Check it in direct sunshine. You certainly have a neutral complexion if you’re seeing your natural skin color. Use this Tan Test to determine your skin tone.

Does your skin tan?

If your skin tans readily but does not burn in the sun, you have a warm to neutral skin tone.

How can you tell if you’re warm or cool?

First, depending on your mood, you can use the entire color pallet (bright or subtle).

If you’re having trouble deciding which color palette is best for you, consider the entire spectrum of dark and deep shades. Deep shades are usually flattering on women.

Also, decide whether you like deep plum or crimson. For instance, do you go toward the deep blues or the rich olive greens?

Find perfect dress color for Neutral Skin

Find your perfect dress.Picking the best colors for neutral skin.

Women with neutral undertones have a wider range of lighter colors than women with any other undertone. So you’d like to highlight softer colors like:

  • Blue
  • Mint
  • Champagne
  • Rose
  • Mauve
  • Coral
  • Teal
  • Ruby
  • Jade
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Lavender 

Why these colors?

This is because they are colorful without being dominating, which are the greatest colors for those with a neutral complexion. Also, Byrdie suggests most of these colors for neutral skin.

You’d also like to highlight colors such as:

  • Black 
  • Off-white
  • Grey 

Vibrant colors such as:

  • Burgundy 
  • Bright red
  • Deep purple 
  • Light pink 

AVOID wearing these colors for Neutral Skin Tone

  • Bright yellow
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Dark yellowish green 

Tip: You may wear neutral shades as long as you focus on the suitable neutral tones.

When deciding on the best dress color, you need to keep in mind a number of skin features. Primary shades may also be suitable for women with neutral complexion tones.

Such as:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow


Jewelry.Picking the best colors for neutral skin.

Most women have their own favorite piece of jewelry, as well as certain seasons call for heavy layering. So, while considering the finest colors for neutral skin tones, consider more than just the clothing.

In theory, the very same guidelines apply, but you’ll want to add some neutral clothing to tie the overall look together.

Assume you’re wearing an off-white dress and want to cover it with a fashionable cardigan. By wearing a light brown coat, you can feel warm in the cold without being distracted by contrasting colors.

AVOID using the wrong foundation

People with neutral undertones look best in foundations that are neither too yellow nor too pink. Instead, seek for a blend of the two; for neutral tones, a peach foundation might work nicely.

The incorrect foundation will seem overly white, ashy, or pink.

Pick foundations that appear balanced or have a little slant toward golden tones. Avoid yellowish foundations, cool pinks, and reds.

Tip: Based on skin type, you may require a different foundation for each season. Check your foundation in the winter and then again after exposure to sunlight to check it is still a perfect fit.

Find your celebrity twin

Kristen Bell

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She is the epitome of someone who looks to be extremely golden, especially on camera, she looks to be extremely neutral. Seeing her images, it’s tough to determine if she’s warm or cool. 

But you will have a good time following her clothing sense and dress according to her styles if you have neutral skin.

Jennifer Aniston

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie choosing color for neutral skin lifestylemajor edited

Miley Cyrus

Mylie Cyrus choosing color for neutral skin lifestylemajor edited

Kerry Washington 

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The bottom line 

Your unique choices are more valuable than any color chart. Follow your joy if you are happy or passionate about a specific color.

Finally, it comes down to knowing how various colors compare and contrast with different skin tones.

Try different colors and clothing styles to discover what genuinely inspires you!

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